Any Chargers Fans??

I live in Arizona..(used to live in San Diego)..and the superbowl is here next year. I'm just wondering...if anyone thinks the Chargers are going to make it to the superbowl.


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As a chargers fan...HELLLLLLLLZ YEAH. we now have more WR threats and some new def. threats. Also, the problem with personal conduct will go down, especially after last season. Get your tickets now.

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I wouldn't count on it. Norv Turner is going to try to switch the whole game plan around. All of the players had great chemistry with Marty. It just won't add up when the seasons over. They will probably make it to the playoffs, though.

By the way, I do live in San Diego. GO CHARGERS...and Padres...

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No, I think Norv Turner will not be able to get them to the Superbowl, he will crack under the pressure.

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It's very possible! Got too get past thee other big dawgs! Patriots,Colts,Ravens! They'll make the playoffs 4 sure b/c they'll win their division with ease! Hope some of these other teams knock each other out! Make it that much easier too get there! If the Chargers do make it to the Super Bowl, Drew and the boys will be waiting 4 ya's!! Go Saints!!!

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They are the most complete team in the league so they definitely have a great chance. They do have a tough schedule but the Raiders, Broncos and Chiefs shouldn't stand in their way to make the playoffs. The new coaching staff is the biggest question about whether or not the offense will still click. Hopefully Turner doesn't change too much.

The only position they took a hit at was inside LB with losing Donnie Edwards but the backups are good. There are 10-12 guys who are probowl worthy and the young WRs and CBs are going to be better one year older.

Unfortunately it comes down to single elimination in the playoffs and they need to stay tough and get lucky. When they lost last year, everything that could go wrong did because they outplayed the Patriots the entire game. Hopefully they can come through this year!

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Yeah, the chargers will make it to the super bowl. They have the best running back (L.T.), Antonio gates, rivers, Merriam, Williams. They have the best o-line and d-line; a strong line-backing corps. The whole team is practically coming back. The new coaching staff runs the exact same scheme, as the previous coaches had.

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They might but it's going to be difficult especially after firing one of the best coachesd ever in the NFL. Besides there are still too many holes even after the draft.

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Let me start by saying that I do like the Chargers, and especially LT. What I cannot say though, is that the Chargers go all the way. I think this is going to be the year of the Patriot.

Also to the person that said the Chargers win the AFC West with ease needs to look more carefully at the competition. The Broncos just improved their defense quite a bit by putting Dre Bly opposite Champ Bailey. They also got a proven RB, which I am sure they will make him a 1,500+yd back this season. Look for there to be a vicious battle between the Broncos and Chargers for the division title.

Like I said, though, this is a Patriot year, and the Chargers will struggle some under the whole new coaching staff. They'll make the play-offs, but get to the conference title game at best.

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