All things considered , who is the greatest NFL running back of all time ?

Gale Sayers & Barry Sanders were awesome and had no offensive lines, Earl Campbell was a beast, Jim Brown ( need I say more ). But all things considered Emmit Smith, Terrell Davis, Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorestt, Franco Harris, all had nice lines and if the above players had those lines they would have awesome numbers. So who is the all around best, all things considered ?


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Here it is from 1-5 in order.

1. Barry Sanders
2. Walter Payton
3. Gale Sayers
4. Jim Brown
5. Emmitt Smith

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I would have to say between Barry and Emmit, tough call but I think I would have to go with Barry he had a lot of quickness and some strength, however i believe that tomlinson will be when he retires.

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Barry Sanders best there ever was with and OL his sat would be unreal

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Questions like this are just too hard to answer. You named some good ones, but left out Walter Payton.

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I think you have to include the late, great Walter Payton in this discussion. Played for terrible offensive teams, and was an absolute workhorse. I loved watching Barry too, but he took too many carries for losses, but probably the best juker and open field running back. I wasn't around in the Jim Brown era, but his numbers are unbelievable... but could he reproduce those numbers in this era of 4.5-40 linebackers? I guess it is about as subjective a question as you could get, but I'll give a vote to Walter.

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Jim Brown the best of all time. Retired in his prime. Sweetness Payton the real deal, too. Barry Sanders woulda smashed a lot of records, but like Jim Brown he got out early (and healthy).

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I would have to say Walter Payton. L.T. is moving up the ranks quickly however.

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I would have to say Barry Sanders. He is the only back in history to lead the league in rushes for more than 20 yrds and rushes for negative yrds. in a season, and he did it 5 times. The answer for best running back ever is tough, but I think it all comes down to the offensive line a runner had. And Barry ran for his 2,052 yds with a patch work line. Dieon Sanders was once asked how many yards Barry would have if he played for Dallas instead of Emitt. His answer, "3 maybe 4000 yds a year."

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Ladanian Tomlinson

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Emmitt Smith. Pure domination injured or not.

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Barry was awesome.But what about LT.He is awesome.You said all around back.LT is a all around back.He is a dangerous reciever out of the backfield ,he scores tons of TDs, he is a good blocker, and he is very quick on his feet..

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its gotta be emmitt smith hes the all-time rushing leader

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well you don't base a running back on just offensive lines. it takes career longevity, speed, power, vision, and heart.

if i had to pick i'd say Walter Payton.

so many honorable mentions though.

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Well all things considered you have to look at the time period they were in. Jim Brown was awesome as a bruising back but do you think he would make it now with faster bigger defenses? Barry Sanders was a great all around back with no line the guy was a magician and would be the #1 rushing back is he'd stayed in the game. But I'm going to have to give the best back of all time to L.T. . He is the ultimate all around back. I'm not a Chargers fan so I'm not being bias. But he can catch, run and THROW! He can pass block and if they let him he could probably hit a FG from 30 yd's or shorter! He's a rare talent and no one in the league can hold a candle to this guy.

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Easy. Walter Payton. He ran with so much heart. If Sweetness had the offensive line that Emmit had, he would have run for double the yards he did. Payton was a stud and will always be my favorite player in all sports.

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Barry Sanders

if you give Barry the same O-line Emmitt had Barry wouldve gotten close to 20,000 yards in 10 seasons...

Emmitt wouldnt have lasted nearly as long with Barry's line, in fact id say he woulda probably lost 5 years of his career

probably 10,000 for Emmitt if he was in Detroit

i watched every single game Barry ever played, and theres no doubt hes the best..nobody has ever done so much with so little help..and btw he had no QB to take the pressure off either....and no TE or FB to block

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Hands down, Barry Sanders!!

Hey Schlessenger was a great blocking full back for Sanders!

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I believe stats are the best way of measuring productivity therefore I say Emmit Smith because he has the distinct honor of most rushing TD's and the most rushing yards.

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Walter Payton

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LT will be when he retires. But if we are going by stats you have to go with Barry and Emmit. But I have to say my all time favorite who would have been the greatest if he hadn't had such a short career because of injuries is Gale Sayers, he could do anything on the football.

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Jim Brown

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barry sanders bar none best back to ever wear a uniform the things he could do will never be duplicated and a real classy guy as well he could have had the record but he desided to retire really when he was in his prime i kinda feel sorry for him thou he played on such terrible teams but the guy never complained or asked to be traded

What's your favorite NFL team?

Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, and Barry Sanders

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I say walter peyton

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Jim Brown was the greatest pure runner of all time, but he could not block or catch a pass. Walter Payton was the best all-around back ever.

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The 2 that i remember watching and loving are Walter Payton and Barry Sanders. LT maybe one day, but he has years to go. Emmitt had an ave. Oline of about 350 pounds. If Barry had that......WHEW!! Who knows. That's the main reason Barry retired, the Lions wouldn't trade him. Look at Barry's total yards ran along with the other backs. Now look at the years played to get those yards and project the total yards Barry would've had. He had so many moves and was so fast. About Payton, i loved his moves and he would run by or run over the D. lol. pure SWEETNESS!

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Barry Sanders

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Well from the ones I saw it was Barry Sanders. Although I basically didn't start watching until about the early to mid 90s. Some of them were before my time and others I just didn't see.

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Jim Brown. With his running style and durability, he could play in any era. He never missed a game in 9 seasons, and not only did he have the speed to outrun defenders, but he had the power to run them over if he pleased. His cuts were so subtle, you could hardly notice them, so it looked as though he didn't have many moves.

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