Alright so who else thinks that Joe Staley should switch to d-line when he enters NFL?

I mean the guy is 6'5 296 pounds and runs a 4.7 40. He'd be a beast of a DT.


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You know, I wondered for a second if Mike Nolan wanted to plug him in at nose guard. The 49ers need a dominating nose guard to run their 3-4 and a racehorse fast 295 pound guy would require attention in the middle.

BUT, I only wondered for a second. In minicamp, they are playing him at tackle and he seems to be doing great. He's going to be O-line, all the way. And Alex Smith and Frank Gore will both benefit.

This is going to be a great season for the Niners.

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You can't say things like that because that means that JaMarcus Russell would only have to gain 20 pounds and he would be a beast at DT. Joe Staley will be a beast at O-line. There is no reason to switch positions now for no reason. He will excell in Baltimore and you won't have this thought in your head at the end of this year.

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Sure, that makes a lot of sense a guy that is rated a premier left tackle which is probably the second most important position on the field, make him into a defensive tackle. Good thing your not a GM because you would be soon out of work, so in other words dont quit your day job.

P.S. He went to the 49ers, not Baltimore.

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Joe Staley is best as a OT. You can't just plug someone into a different position and expect them to excel at it. OL and DL have different skill sets and even mindsets. If Staley started out on defense or switched early in his career, he could have been a really good DT.

P.S. Baltimore WISHED the were able to draft him.

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You want your offensive tackles to be quick so they can handle fast defensive ends. He is probably one of the fastest tackles in the NFL right now. In a year or two when he gets adjusted and adds a little weight he's going to be great at protecting Alex Smith's blind side. He is probably faster than some DEs in the league.

Did he play any DT in college? If not, I don't think a transition to DT for him would be an easy or worthwhile one.

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Joe Staley is a great tackle on offense. If he struggles a little bit in the NFL as a lineman I could see the switch happening.

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