What were the giants thinking?

they get rid of feeley...dont even have another kicker yet. the recieer they drafted is my height and weight. i m 16. Brady quinn was still around on tehir first pick. they coulda picked him up and made a hefty trade or just kept him around to back up eli. what do you think the should've done?


NFL- San Diego vs Indianapolis?

Getting rid of Feeley, was good riddance. they were just a year too late. I never got over the fact that, He knocked the GIANTS out of the playoffs, in '95 by, losing the same game to SEATTLE, on three separate kicks. I thought most of the draft went okay except, the pick they used on Smith. I thought they would have been better served to, have used that pick on a good offensive lineman.

Who else agrees that the Pats will be a FORCE in Madden 08 now with Moss?


Denver Bronco's John Lynch?

They should have ransomed Quinn to the Browns like the Cowboys did. They have not had a good draft or offseason.

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Wow, your about Steve Smith's build (5'11" 199-Lbs.) your a BIG woman. Steve Smith is good and adding Brady Quinn is stupid and by the way, Aaron Ross was a good pick.

thanks momma for them 2 pts.

Do you think Brady Quinn is way Overated?

They should have traded up for Ted Ginn.

How in the heck is Tony Romo is #1 Yahoo search item in the middle of Spring?

wow ur a built woman

taller then 5-11 and weigh 180 lbs all muscle

they shood make that fatty jared lorenzen the kicker, put him into use for once

How good do you think the philadelphia eagles offense will be in the 2007-2008 season?

they should've drafted quinn and traded eli. maybe someone dumb enough would give up a 6th or 7th round pick for that little girl.

Won't these players be much better?

Wow little lady you must be playing high school ball your self. Eli is fine drafting Quinn would have been stupid while a #1 pick next year would have been nice Jerry Reese their new GM wanted to make a statement with his first draft. As for people saying their draft was not good only time will tell, but from my perspective they got good players at a very good value. Michael Johnson their #7 from Arizona was a steal and might end up being one of the better picks of the draft.

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