Any thoughts on The 2007 Detroit Lions season?

Will they be good, bad, better? I just want to get a little insight on people thoughts.


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They'll be better than last year, but thats still bad. The good new is that they'll still finish with a better record than the Raiders.

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Im a packers fan so i hope (and know) that the lions will definetely suck

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worse than last season.

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Any thoughts on the last 5 Lions seasons
They are a failure franchise

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I'm a lions fan , but they will win 2 more games than last year , I live in detroit and hoping for the best for the team , the red wings been good for years , the pistons been good for a while , the tigers looked good last year , it's about time for the lions roar

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I think another year uner Martz will help the offense. I think they should trade down in the draft and try to add some depth to their defense and I think they could be alot better.

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i live in michigan but grew up a packers fan thank god. they are a dissapointing franchise with a sting of bad draft picks and bad luck. i think they finish maybe at best 7-9 and thats with a perfect draft and with millen around that is not likely. all i can say for you lions fans is hope for the best but expect the worse.

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i think they would do about the same, i really don't think their free agency period was very good to improve and they need multiple posiitions to pick up (mostly a QB and a OLine man), so they really have not improved, but really has not gotten worse either, so i predict they will be in the same position next season

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My guess is the loser of the season opener (against the Raiders) will get the #1 pick in the '08 Draft.

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ive been waiting for the greatest show on turf part 2, YOU tell me when its happening cause im getting impatient. one more season like this and imma start bashing.

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they are going to be 8-8 (.500)


I don't really think they will be good at all this season all beacause of 1 reason. Matt Millen. He was a good football player but knows nothing of how to be a general manager. He has driven the lions into the ground. I mean 4 of their last 1st round picks have been recievers? Everything just is bad with him. They won't be too good here got young talent still trying to devlop

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I hope they do. I have had season tickets for some time now and is disappointed by their losses. But they are still my favorite team. So hopefully they start getting them touchdowns and start playing defense.

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I'm a lifelong Lions fan (yeah yeah, boo me later...). Season ticket holder since 1989, as embarrassing as that is...

Trying to be objective here.
A second year under Martz and a bolstered offensive line from the draft (hope, I hope, I hope, please dont' take another receiver, please..) should have some productivity behind it. I expect to see the Lions score some points and end up ranked in the top 10 in the league for points scored...

Defensively, a struggling unit that lacks skill and is terribly exposed in a cover-2 scheme that everyone has seen before. Everyone knows where to attack, and the Lions defense doesn't have the ability to cover its weaknesses, or the ability to get after the QB and cause turnovers.

End Result, probably a 6-10 season, with alot of points, a huge turnover differential taht spells the difference in at least three of those losses, and a defensive minded coach who can't seem to put a defense on the field.

Long-Term: Millen and Marinelli gets swept out together (Millen never gets anywhere, but Marinelli finds future success once he has talent), Martz takes over as Head Coach, with a team of assistants to his choosing.

The GM spot is tricky, who knows... cant' be much worse...

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well, they have taken a wr for like 4 out of the last 5 drafts, so lets keep the streek goin! CJ is going to be better than jerry rice in my opinion when his career is over. there are some good qb's in later rounds, so take one of them, and they could be a very annoying team to the power house teams. i say 5-11 to 6-10. though the loss of bly will hurt them.:)

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I have thoughts, and it isn't good.

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NO, the Lions Suck.

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Uhm, they look like they are going to continue to get worse.

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only bad ones buddy.

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i hope you guys get better. however, i dont want u to be better then my packers. however, i do feel your pain. must be rough.

i do think you guys will be better this year, i cant see you winning the division though.

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In my opinion I think they lions will go 6-10 and will struggle on defense because they got rid of their best defensive player Dre Bly and now they have no corners no safety's and a struggling defensive line but they will probably score allot of points because
they have two very good WR's in furrey and Williams but overall the o line will be too much of a problem to overcome.

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