2007 nfl MVP?

Brady (Moss and Stallworth now as top recievers, will prob pass for over 4,000 yards)
LT (duh)
Manning (Always a candidate)
Brees (Awesome season last year)
Jackson (see above)
Palmer (see above)


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It is going to be either Tom Brady or LT this year because LT will still be the highlight reel and make every play like a walk in the park, with Tom Brady having Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth as his top wide recievers, he will do better than Peyton Mannning and Carson Palmer.

Who would win if Notre Dame and Texas Tech ended up in a bowl game at the end of the 2007 season?

My pick would be Ladanian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers. Though his team will not win the division, (Denver Broncos Will with the AFC West), he still has the talent to be the MVP of the 2007 season. I also think Peyton Manning will be up there and will be close to the MVP. Brady won't, even though he has somewhat better recievers, Brees will be close, but Manning will be closer... LT is my pick.

Who is the fastest qb in the nfl??

None of the above. Ray Lewis is tired of people telling him that he is slowing down and that he is not the player he once was. He is going to be better than he was in 2000.

Who is the best professional football coach of all time?

I will go with Maurice Jones-Drew. He is going to rip it up this year.

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I think defense will be locked and keyed in on LaDaianian this year. The Chargers also has a lot of personnel changes and a much tougher schedule.

I would have to pick Peyton Manning. Addai looks nice and they drafed Gonzalez from Ohio st. which is a another Brendan Stokley. The Colts will be a problem next year.

Does anyone find it odd that the Heisman winner and National Championship MVP get no love in the draft?

Let's talk about this later when the season starts

Come on its May!

Jay Cutler set an NFL rookie record last year by throwing 2 TDS in his first four games. Why no love?

Drew Brees

Go Saints!

What team will pick up Keyshawn Johnson ?

None of the above. Larry Johnson will crush defensive lines this year. The addition of Bowe from LSU in the draft will have defenses reeling. My vote- LJ

When do you think the Denver Broncos will make it and win the super bowl?

Carson Palmer! He had an awesome season last year, despite his slow start thanks to his knee injury. with Henry out half the year, hi has to step up and he will. I'm predicting 4500 yards and 35 TDs. look for Palmer to come up big in '07.

What are the Texans thinking dropping Domanick Williams AKA Davis?

I'd say LT but thats to easy, so im gonna go out on a limb and say something crazy. How about Ramzee Robinson (Mr. Irrelevant in this years draft) is gonna have 10 picks and win MVP. hahaha

Why wasn't Archie Manning one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game?


What will Joseph Addai do?

If Drew Brees puts up the same numbers as last year & gets the Saints home field advantage through out the NFC playoffs, he'll have to win it this year. I don't like awarding MVP to guys who break records cause then anyone could be MVP. MVP is who helps his team win games, not how many TD's they had that year!

OK, I'm not a football fan HOWEVER, what was or who knows why a 4 yr old was in the end zone unattended ?

Shaun Alexander, because last year was an abnormal year. He is always good for 1600 yards rushing and 18 TDs. He should eclipse that and carry the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. Remember him telling us he will lead the Seahawks to four or five Super Bowls? Well he brought us to one and we are about to go to another. 12th Man Beeeyotch!

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