Am I the only person that thinks the Tennessee Titans should avoid Robert Meachem and target Dwayne Jarrett?


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I disagree with both statements. Robert Meachem should be left for my Cowboys to draft. But the Titans shouldn't take Jarrett. I am not a Titans fan, but I don't want to see them fail and take Jarrett who has bust written all over him. He isn't fast at all. Jerry Rice also wasn't super fast in the 40, but even his speed was greater than Jarrett's who has ridiculously bad 40 times. His stats are benefits of playing on an offense that featured Leinart and Bush. Who can double Jarrett when they have 8 guys in the box to stop Bush? His hands are OK, but not the greatest of all time. Also, he isn't a really strong guy. So if he cannot outtun the fastest CBs the NFL has to offer, and he can't outmuscle the more physical ones, what kind of receiver will he be. No team has roster space for a guy who is to slow to go deep and to weak to go over the middle on every play and break tackles/take hits.

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Yes you are. Dwayne Jarrett has great hands, but he lacks ideal speed. He is another Mike Williams. Meachem would fit in well with Titans scheme.

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The Titans play like sissies... perhaps they should start a WNFL for them, they could play on Fridays after shopping.

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What are u talking about who gives afuck about that u stupid **!!

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It depends on if the Titans want a proven winner like Jarrett. I mean come on what more does Jarrett have to do to prove he is big time. His stats in 3 years were incredible. His stats blow Ginn away. He comes up strong in the biggest games. His speed may not be like Ginn but it is better than Mike Williams. He is very polished as a receiver. All I know is with the game on the line I want the ball thrown to Jarrett. Jerry Rice did not have the most impressive speed.

Jarrett is a winner.

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Jarrett has a gifted size and he has great size. He can make big plays and can turn a bad play into a good one. So pick Jarrett.

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I think so, I know Dwayne Jarrett is an amazing football player, but Meachem is amazing. He is around 6' 4'' and runs a 4.4 and runs great routes. He is just great.

Why do people say a player will be better on turf because it is faster? Doesn't everyone else run faster too?

wow, this is gonna be a pretty tough decision for tennessee on draft day, but i would have to imagine that they'd go for the surer bet and take meachem...he is faster and has better hands than jarrett, and is more nfl-ready...jarrett clearly has more potential but right now is slower and although he can make some acrobatic catches he sometimes struggles with the simple ones

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Forget Jarrett in this system, Jarrett needs an accurate QB, which Vince Young is not... so Physical wide outs like him are a no-no in Tennessee. Meachem is big, 6-3 and runs around a 4.4 so he is quicker than Jarrett for his size and also the fans would rather see a Tennessee Volunteer on the field than a USC Trojan, sort of the hometown hero effect... That speed would allow Vince Young to throw downfield, BUT if they skip Meachem they could go Ginn in the first and Gonzales in the second... Gonzales is like 6-2 and is fast enough for his size and there they would have two wideouts that Vince could throw downfield to...

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Jarrett has a bad attitude, and Meachem doesn't seem to.

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why would you take Dwayne Jarret he looks like another bust like Mike Wiliams. Robert Meachem has great hands,speed, & is a great route runner so sure Dwayne Jarret is big & has great stats but look who he is reminescent to, his former teammate Mike Williams not Jerry Rice but I do admit he does make some great plays.Oh yeah & his teammate Steve Smith is better.

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Mech is better then J-rett any day. Being part of USC's franchise just gives you a leg up in the marketing hype. Good to see that the draft board ain't being fooled. Don't get me wrong J-rett will make a splash, but not as a prime time guy and not like Mech.

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Meachem has great hands and is bigger. If I had a pick, it would be Meachem.. after Calvin Johnson and Tedd Ginn Jr.

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