2007 football season opinions??... 9ers??

haha, ok well I bleed red and gold so obviously i want to see a gold rush, but I would like to hear some opionion on the 07 season. Is the NFC going to turn things around? And if so, whos it going to be?? Otherwise, is it going to be another race between the colts and pats??


How hard will Petrino fall on his face?

I don´t like the 49´ers but they have a lot of talent with Frank Gore getting better and Alex Smith too so I think they will have a decent season barring injuries but they have a fairly good chance to make the playoffs maybe second round if they have a good game but not much further

Why is notre dame so over rated?

Love the 9ers!!
I think they can make a serious push for the playoffs this year, if not a 7-9 or 8-8 season is within their reach.

Go 9ers!!

Why wasn't I selected in the NFL Draft?

It's most likely gonna be thew AFC winning the Super Bowl again although I wouldn't count out the New Orleans Saints in the NFC. The 49ers could quite possibly improve as well if Alex Smith continues to improve as well as Frank Gore and Vernon Davis and the rest of the team as well.

Why does all the press call Pat Tillman a "Great and Legendary Foodtball Star" when really, he sucked?

Great off season signings,great draft ! Their on their way to winning their division and more!

Now to all the people who say : They never seen any other fan who isn't a Steeler fan say : I bleed ( insert your favorite team colors here ) Well there you go! He just said he bleeds Red and Gold! Read it and weap! Cha-Ching,

Case closed!

Why'd they move Quinn to a different room?

well the NFC west is going to have the first time 4 RBs with over 1300 yards rushing with Frank Gore out on top of them...this will make a huge statementnext season...BUT i believe it isnt 9ers year they will lose to the saints in the NFC championship game, Next year is are year

Could anyone tell me the best place to buy tickets to a Cowboys home game?

The Chicago Bears are still the Strongest team in the N.F.C. Second, the Colts did not, I reapeat DID NOT beat the Bears in the superbowl. Chicago defeated itself. That won't happen again. So no, it will not just come down to the Colts and the Pats. I, for one, do not have faith in any AFC team. After my Bears chew up San Diego on Opening day, I will forever lose and respect for the AFC!

Who was the coach of the Detroit Lions when Barry Sanders was a rookie?

49ers may be in the toughest division in football...

Yes, yes laugh it up

I'm not talking talent wise or best record

I'm talking about hardest to win the division


Seattle Seahawks
St. Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers

All young teams with some serious talent... But with some big holes

Can the 49ers win that divison... answer is yes!

Can they come in last place in the division... answer is yes!


San Fran really has some good building blocks... but I think they are 1 or 2 years away from knocking on Seattle or St. Louis door for top seed

St. Louis is probably gonna be one of the best teams in the NFC within the next 2 years... The offense is off the charts and they just need to put something on the defensive side

Arizona also has a lot of potential... The offense is smazingly set at skilled positions, they just need an o-line... On the defense they got a few stars, but they also have a few no namers

Seattle is probably the best of the bunch as of right now... But I think that team has hit it's plateau and is gonna stay around a 8-8 team until a good draft or free agency


and yes... it looks like Colts & Pats are definetely the top 2 seeds for the Superbowl

The Chargers are 3rd

and after that it really doesn't matter... cuz nobody else will dethrown all 3 of those guys

Broncos & Ravens may make some noise, but they will probably fall in the playoffs

and in the NFC nobody can handle any of those guys either... Bears need Grossman to play at a consistent level and Briggs is gonna be a pain the ars to that team

While New Orleans definetely has the talent on offense... There defense doesn't match up too good against basically anybody

Cle. Browns will we win again?

Well sorry I bleed Black and Gold and the NFC will rise again,the New Orleans Saints will win it all !!!

Where do compensatory picks come from?

the 2007 season
NFC winner: Eagles
AFC winner: Colts
SB winner: Colts

NFC surprise: 49ers ( 10-6 not that much of a surprise)
AFC surprise: Raiders (7-9 or 8-8 will be a huge surprise, and their D will do it)

How will the st louis rams do?

I also bleed red and gold, and yes we can win the West. We beat the Hawks twice last year, so we have the talent to beat them. We can stop the Rams. Itll be the Cardinals who will give us trouble. They have improved a lot, as we have. Our defense is much much improved with Clements and Willis. Gore will rush for over 1300 yards, Davis will breakout, and Smith will keep on going up the quarterback ranks. The Cardinals have Leinert and arguably the best WR duo in the NFC with Boldin and Fitzgerald. Our D will need to step up, and i think they will. Theyll make the playoffs though, but i dont think we could go deep. Well have to wait another season for that. Heres to 07!


This problem is REALLY HARD!!?

The addition of Randy Moss to an already potent offense should make the Patriots THE team to beat in the AFC, provided Bilichek can keep his attitude in line. If not, we could have a repeat of the Terrell Owens/Philadelphia Eagles incident.

The NFC East, as usual, looks pretty stacked from top to bottom, where any one of the four teams could take the division and there could be 3 teams from this division in the play-offs again. Following recent patterns it could occur again where the Giants, Cowboys, and Eagles all make the play-offs.

With Brett Favre unhappy in Green Bay and the Minnesota Vikings falling apart, Chicago should easily repeat as division champions.

The NFC South could be another division that is full of powerhouses from top to bottom. New Orleans, Atlanta and Carolina should all be in contention, while Tampa Bay could be going through a re-building year.

The NFC West is wide open. No team made any MAJOR moves so far this off-season, but the 49ers had really started to pick it up in the latter part of the season and should be in the hunt for a play-off spot.

The AFC should breakdown as usual, with the Patriots, Colts, Chargers, and Ravens winning their respective divisions. The Bengals could be right there if their players stay out of trouble off the field, especially with the Commish handing out suspensions for off-field infractions now.

Potential play-offs:

NFC: 1 - Chicago, 2 - New Orleans, 3 - Philadelphia, 4 - San Francisco, 5 - Dallas, 6 - Atlanta

AFC: 1 - Patriots, 2 - Indianapolis, 3 - San Diego, 4 - Baltimore, 5 - New York Jets, 6 - Cincinnati

Super Bowl: Patriots vs New Orleans

Winner: Patriots

Brian Urlacher VS Ray Lewis?

Last year at this time the general consensus was that the Panthers where the odds on favorite to win the super bowl. I have no idea how things are going to shake out this season.
I just pray that the Patriots turn out to be a bust.

Is there going to be any records broke,this year in the NFL..Who is it & what records are they gonna break ?

i agree with him, boo patriots, go panthers.

So where are the following NFL players?

2007 should be another entertaining and fun season. The Patriots, Colts, Chargers, Ravens, and Broncos are the best AFC teams. The weaker NFC is more wide open. The Saints, Bears, Panthers, Eagles, and Seahawks appear to be the better teams. A team like the Rams could emerge and surprise. The Super Bowl? Patriots over Saints.

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I agree with them, the patriots SUCK!!! Im a huge packer fan and i think they will be one of the best teams in the NFC

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The AFC is most likely to win the Super Bowl again the 2007 season.I have nothing wrong to say about the NFC,but I believe that the AFC has better teams and will prevail again this year.There are some teams in the NFC I like.I LOVE THE NFC!ESPECIALLY THE DALLAS COWBOYS!THEY ARE AWESOME!ROMO JUST HAD A BAD GAME WHEN HE MISHANDLED THE FOOTBALL!I GUESS IT WASN'T MEANT FOR US TO WIN!MAYBE THIS YEAR!

Is there a 2007-2008 NFL schedule available yet?

9ers, defense may not be improved enough to win the West, but could challenge for a Wild Card. Bears were hands down the best in the NFC, yet could and would have likely lost to any of the AFC playoff qualifiers in the Super Bowl. I would say the NFC and AFC both have a number of teams that could make the Bowl, but the AFC will again dominate. NFC is the JV of the NFL right now.

Dwayne Jarrett?

id say the rams gon make it this year

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