A Packer draft of Bowe (1st), Zach Miller (2nd), Brian Leonard (3rd) sound good?

Question:Bowe (WR): awesome blocker/tall/fast
Miller (TE): blocks/great hand
Leonard (RB/FB): speed and skills of a RB with size of a FB

Character guys with awesome production.


1st) Nelson (safety), Meachem, Ginn Jr (might be a bust)
2nd) Pittman (RB), Gonzalez (very solid), Hill, or Rice (WR's)
3rd) Patrick (TE) Piscitelli (S) Allison (WR)


Guys I would RUN from: Lynch or Wright (CB) are too high risk with off the field issues and NFL conduct policy. Greg Olsen, what a JOKE (just watch film of him).

If available and rolling the dice: Garrett Wolfe


I think CHIEFS are making a mistake not keeping GREEN, DO YOU AGREE?

if i could choose anyway for the draft to happen it would be that at their pick, both lynch and olsen are on the board. they trade down to get more picks, then take either of them. they take jason hill in the 2nd round with one pick and draft whichever position they didn't draft in the 1st. they then take johnnie lee higgins in the 3rd or 4th as a return man.


Im hearing they will now take Meachum from Tenn WR with the 1st pick and a RB 2nd

How do i choose my favourite football team.?

1st Meachem
2nd Bush
sounds good

Reuben Droughns or Brandon Jacobs.who gets more carries for the Giants next season?

You made sense when you did this. Except for Sidney Rice will be a much better NFL receiver than Ginn. He's a better talent, not as fast, but taller, stronger, with better hands. I don't think they're gonna go Nelson. Probably Levi Brown from Penn State.


leonard will not be available in the 3rd round. bowe might not be worth that high of a pick.

Does jamarcus russell have a stronger arm than vick?

Even if Bowe is tall and fast, they need a great catching guy like Robert Meachem.

Also, Olsen would not be acailable for the packers anyways

1.Meachem (More receiving yards than Calvin Johnson)
2.Leonards (You mentioned Leonards in the third round but he has the talent to go to the second round and woun't be available in the third round)
3. Pisctielli (Great safety)

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