All-Pro Football 2k8!?

Question:Badboy49er says there will be no Crib and no first-person football, both featured at some point in the 2K Football games of the past, but there will be late hits, improved artificial intelligence that mimics humans, and, as some had suspected, NFL legends. The familiar 1-100 sports rating system has also been abandoned in favor of what he says is a "+/- rating."

However, the real point of contention is the ability to customize the game's rosters. Because 2K does not have a deal with the NFL, All-Pro will not feature current NFL players. A portion of the magazine scan says, "You won't be able to recreate NFL teams or players. 'I've decided a long time ago we're not doing that,' says Jeff [Thomas of developer Visual Concepts]. '[That option] is not in the game, and people gotta be aware of that right now.'" Badboy49er later says that the article does not go into detail about the game's customization.

This means no real NFL teams! Will this change your mind about getting this game


Who'd win in an nfl game, Oakland or florida?

If the gameplay turns out to be real good, it might be worth it. I think what they should also do is put some kind of storyline in it, maybe. They also need to put a franchise mode in it.

Is Pacman Jones a prime of example of a ghetto thug?

it dont matter, madden dominates, cuz its the best now, then, and forever, it gots football games locked down. if you buy any other football game your just wasting your money.

Who is the biggest draft bust in the Matt Millen Era for the Detroit Lions? really know what your talking about. Your knowledge is incrediable, you make excellent points. And your right...NO REAL NFL teams...great point

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