An inconvienent truth?

is Al Gore more dangerous than global warming?


How will the Saints do in 2007?

Al Gore did invent global warming, and he is more dangerous

Should the Raiders draft Russel #1 overall?

Heck yes, he's a democrat

Is Darren McFadden the best RB and player in college football?

Is anything more dangerous than Al Gore. Maybe Michael Jackson. What if Michael Jackson and Al Gore had sex with eachother and prayed about it?

What conference has the most National Title's in College Football?

Gore is not dangerous. Its the idiots that beleive what he says without question. They are the danger.

NFL 2007 Season?

He invented global warming..

In hs football wat pos is rite for me? im 6'2" 1/2 175lbs.?

Let me guess Al Gore is a great football player?...

40 Yard Dash Time?

Just say no to crack and to using under the influence of the aforementioned crack.

How much is this helmet worth.?

Yes because Al Gore is real, Global warming is not.

Does the number of Super Bowls won show how great a QB is?

This is the football section not the politics section.

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