AFC North.?

I think Pittsburgh takes it. I think Cinncinnati was a one season wonder(2 years ago), although I have made respect for Chad Johnson, who i regard as one of the best. I think they take third. Cleveland is better, but not good enough. I think the Baltimore-Pittsburgh games will be split, with the Ravens being well balanced with the good d they always have and the addition of Mcgahee. I think the Steelers will play as they did in thier superbowl season, with almost all thier players back, Roethlisberger no longer injured from the bike, and a coach who has changed the system little. Yes, the loss of Porter is big, but Timmons and Woodley can fill the gap. What do you think?


Who is the best QB of all time?

Don't forget that the Ravens had the third easiest schedule in the NFL last year and the Bengals had the third hardest...Bengals are third pick to win the super bowl at this point (lots of 3's eh?)... I say


After all, the Bengals only have one game in their schedule that should be at all difficult and Roethlisberger is still trying to put his brain back together. Browns should get a bit better and ravens will be shocked by teams that are actually competitive (chargers, pats, colts) this year. As long as Lewis can jerk his players' leashes a bit and keep them in line there is no question that they should come out on top based on schedule, draft, and past performances.

Do you think Chris Leak will make it with the bears, and do you think Troy Smith will make it with the ravens?

I think steelers will improve, but not significantly, bengals will pretty much remain where they are. Cleveland i think will improve greatly, but not enough for playoffs. Out of the three, i think the best will be the ravens.

Why do The Saints Fans Steal Other Teams Sayings?

I think the Ravens just got better on offense and they already have a stellar defense..Don't forget Raiders only had 2 wins last year..One of those wins was against Pittsburgh..There is no excuse for that.

Which players does the Browns need?

the ravens D will win the devision.

Did Keyshawn did a good job of commentating at the NFL Draft? How wuld u rate his commentary on a 1-10 scale?

Based on how the teams did past years, through the draft, just overall scheduel strength it really is simple to see this will be the standings for the AFC North.

Ravens- 11-5
Bengals- 8-8
Browns- 7-9
Pittsburgh- 5-11

Who will the browns draft?

Bengals are a prison camp but watch out for the ravens browns still aren't there yet but to say that the steelers will be like there super bowl team is a stretch especial with out the emotional leadership of porter.

Who is the better WR Isaac Bruuuce or T.O.?

My thoughts on the division:
Cincinnati -- can they keep the off field off the field? The loss of Kelley WAshington is going to be bigger than imagined if (when?) TAb Perry gets hurt -- AGAIN! Plus Jonathan Joseph can't cover everybody!

Cleveland -- starting to emerge but too much youth and Kellen Winslow needs to keep hi smouth shut and play. Defense should be improved.

Pittsburgh -- I see a step back due to losing the intensity of Cowher more than Porter. Polamalu was hurt then exposed last year as a gambler, not a playmaker. Offense should be balanced through season but keep Roethlisberger of his bike.

Baltiomore -- everyone getting old but new spark in McGahee may rejuvenate the offense.. Just how much does Ray Lewis have left in the tank anyways?

Final call.
Ravens 10-6
Steelers 8-8
Bengals 7-9
Browns 6-10

Eagles got a wide out!?

Ravens Amazing D
+ Ravens added to Amazing O
Ravens champs in Super Bowl

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