`what is the cleveland brown's 2006-2007 record?


I am now convinced the Packers intentionally have shitty offseasons?

Cleveland was 4-12 in 2006-2007 season but keep a look out for the Draft and a possible comeback of the browns!

Is there such thing as big foot??


Buffalo bills?


Chad Johnson was supposed to be on the Madden Cover(great)but its Vince Young. Is he the First rookie on it?

negative 43

Which sport takes more energy, fooball, wrestling, or boxing?

They finished 4-12. That means they might come out of the draft with some good pics

If the Chiefs have the option of drafting Ted Ginn, Jr., would they?

I think they are headed in the right direction. I think this year they will have a good season. Maybe they can pull off a 9-7 season. If they can get it done on the offensive line, I feel they have the talent to win some games. If they pick up a new quarterback in the draft though and put him in as a starter, than maybe that wont happen. I like Brady Quinn, yet I really am not sure if he is the answer in Cleveland. If they pick up Peterson I think he will show results in the win column immediately, but I think they should draft a lineman, and continue to build a team that will be contending for a Super Bowl in a few seasons and then for seasons to follow. They have young talent at allot of the key positions already.

Do you think that any member of the Cleveland Browns will make it on the Madden Cover before the 2011 season?

4 wins, 12 losses, way too many injuries to their starters. Had they stayed healthy last year, they MIGHT have been able to pull off 7-9 or 8-8

What is the biggest comeback in football history?

4 and 12 and not a single win against anyone in the division!! So sad the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals get 2 free wins every year!!

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