Am I to young to be that good in my 40 yard dash?

Im 16 and I run a 4.3 to 4.4 and I'm one of the shortist.So is that good or to good.


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You won't find anyone in the world that can *really* run faster than a 4.3. Most of the 40 times you see reported are "hand-timed" and they are about .24 seconds faster than electronic-timed... i.e. 4.4 is really a 4.64.

That's not to say that a hand-timed 4.4 is bad, since that's very fast for someone in high school. You can never be too fast!

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i'm a linebacker and a fullback, run a 4.4 in the 40, but i'm
6'2 and 210 lbs.

Height doesn't matter as long as you have injury resistance. 5'4 and up and you should be just ok

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That's really good. Depends on how your body fills out. If you get thick you'll slow down, if you get shredded and flexible you could get faster. Keep in mind that the times you read about for NFL players is WAAAY more accurate. They use a machine that has a string attached to it. You tie the string to your waist and when you start it starts the machine. Then there's another string at the finish that stops it. Dudes get timed in college at 4.2 all the time, then in the combine it turns into 4.4. High school and college coaches tend to "help" a little when they time. Get the recrutes around a bit quicker.

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well, there is no such thing as to fast in football. at 16 though i would be a little skeptical about that time. have a friend time you a few times and take the average. but seriously, there is no such thing as too fast.

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Too good? There's no such thing.

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at the high school level, the 40 yrd is not important, in fact, it is way over rated at the College and Pro levels.
L.T., Larry Johnson, Corey Dillon, did not have sizzling 40 times, but then again you are not always running straight all the time, so you have to put it into perspective.

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Depends on 1) Your definition of short 2) your definition of good 3) is it a true 4.3, and 4) what you plan on doing with your speed.

Being that you're only 16, you could very well be at 4.2 by the time you're 17. I could only assume that "the shortist" is excluding you from basketball, which a 4.3 does little good without the other intangibles of Bball. If you're above (or grow to be) 5'7 or more and got a little weight under you, a 4.3 & football are a good match. Same holds true for baseball. A 4.3 in track and field works wonders while your'e in high-school and college, but after that, longer legged 4.1's and 4.2's win medals.

So to answer you're question, 4.3 by all means is good for football. But being fast at anything is never too good...neither is your 4.3...Deion Sanders ran a 4.3 with pads on coming out of FSU

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wow that forty time is the biggest bullcrap i ever heard. Im 15 , 5'9 176 and run a 4.7

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Oh sure... who you think you are

DeAngelo Hall?

He ran a 4.3 when he was 14

Now he can run 4.24

You don't get much faster after you hit your plateau...

But how tall are you? Most people that are fast are about 6'

Short legs don't work... cuz your stride isn't as long so you have to move your legs twice as fast

Short people can usually run 4.4 at best

--- Where did you get timed though? and on what type of track?

DeAngelo Hall could run a 4.1 on a fast track and with a "human" stopwatch

At the combine all those times are slower than what would be normal...


Just about 6 months ago I was clocked at 4.39... and I know I wasn't that fast at the time (compared to combine)

It's all a farse... get use to it

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That is good for a short person.

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Bullshit you run a 4.3 to a 4.4. You are lying big time.

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no f*uckin such thing as TOO good

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Okay, I'll say're one fast mud'r. There is NO such thing as being TOO FAST. Your speed can get you to many places, but with your height, prolly not the NFL or NBA, but it sure might help in MLB, as long as you can swing, and hit, that speed will help. Keep it up, because colleges will look at you for track and field also. Nope, not too fast, get faster and watch people stand in awe of your speed.

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