40 yd dash is overrated, and stupid?

i play receiver, i run a 5.1 on the track track, it doesnt seem like a problem wen im on the field, cause i beat any CB to the ball. it sounds bad for a WR to run 5.1, but dwayne jarrett runs a 4.62 he dont have a problem catching the ball, beating CB's.. any other ppl have this problem, and know a way to just make that track time look better


Chris Leak?

First - your 40 time shouldn't be taken on a track.
It should be taken on a playing field.
If that makes you look faster or not, i don't know...but thats where the time should be taken.

Second, a 40 time indicates your excelleration potential as well as overall speed in the short distance effort.

You'll be hard pressed to find any receiver that has to run 40 yards at a given time just to catch a ball...however, it's an excellent indicator for coaches that wish to place their fastest men in a position to score.

So it isn't over rated or stupid...it's simply one in a series of tools utilized to put the best people in the right positions.

And...if you can still out run and out catch the defenders in your league; then theres no reason to rely on the 40 time because you have a different ability strength. Simple as that.

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Game speed is different than "run as fast as you can" speed. I'd prefer a guy with game speed. The 40 is overrated, not stupid, but overrated.

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Jerry Rice 4.6
Emmit Smith 4.7

Both hall of famers with slow 40 times so that shows it is overrated.

BTW who's gonna run a 4.3 with full gear on?

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The 40 speed is somewhat overrated mostly by the media, i think if i was deciding on receivers i would mostly take stock in how fast they ran the hundred, maybe even through a few tackling dummys in their way.

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None of those tests are stupid... just a mere evaluation.

In the game, you run a route, not a straight line... therfore, opponents get juked/faked and may lose a step (that's all it takes).

I can care less about the 40 time... unless it's significantly slow (that would be a problem)...

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I wouldn't say it's overrated or stupid because you need somewhat of an idea what speed a player can run. It doesn't mean that someone with a slow time will have problems beating CB's, but it does say how fast someone may be able to get downfield.

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No, you are slow.

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Paul Brown used the 40 yd time to determine who would cover punts for his team. His Teams always had great special teams coverage. So all coaches since then believe that the 40 yd time is some sort of magic formula to a player's success.

Personally it is very overrated because most pass patterns are in the 10 to 16 yd range and the ball must be thrown within 3 seconds for any chance of success.

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i just want to know why linemen like me have to run the 40. The only time we'll be downfield is on a screen pass or something. Quarterbacks don't really need it because they rarely run (unless it's vick). Runningbacks, in my opinion, should focus on power rather than speed. Widde Recievers are the only guys who need to be really fast but even then, they need to know routes better

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of cours it's stupid, see what happened to Dwayne Jarret

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It looks for speed in players.but that's just straight line speed. It might be important for CBs and WRs...but I don't see why it affects other positions so much if they have other great attributes, however speed is still important, some guys just aren't sprinters. I think a players brain surpasses what raw speed can give them.

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It is very overrated but not stupid. First of all, like some have already stated, it should be run on grass. Second, they should run it in full gear. What's the point of doin it in shorts and a t-shirt? Third, there are plenty of other drills that do a good job of displaying speed and agility. We of course never get to see them. To me, this all goes back to our childhood. "I'm faster than you. Let's race from here to there." It's quick and easy. Just way overrated. The Pro Agility Drill and Ladder Drill are where it's at. Pro Agility: 5 yards right, 10 yards left, then 5 yards to the right through your starting point. Ladder Drill: 5 yards then back, 10 yards then back, then 5 yards and back. Those show your explosiveness from a stand still, ability to change direction and slow down effectively. Everyone overemphasizes speed but nobody ever takes into consideration how important it is to be able to STOP.

Packer fans?

yeah you run a 5.1?

thats slow....you may be able to beat high school kids who dont know what theyre doing...

but this is the NFL were talking about...

it is overrated..

i havent sprinted or played football in years and i guarantee i can run it under 5 seconds.....

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