All around player?

I have hade this problem since beginning of this year (im a freshman). I am 5'10" and weigh aorund 200, so size wise I should be a lineman. However, I have a cannon and the starting JV wide reciever told me I'd make an amazing QB. I also told some kids on my baseball team of my arm, and they said if I lost 30 lbs, I'd be destructive at QB. Should I play and at what position?


Troy Smith?

Hey kid, if you've got a great arm don't let it go to waste. Tell your coaches and show them what that arm can do in a try-out. If they like you they won't care how much you wiegh. Just keep practicing and working out and over the course of the season you will see that you have lost weight. Trust me, if you can do this you will be fine.

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So freshman in highschool or college? I'll just answer both

High school: You should not be a lineman cuz you are too skinny and short but if you say so Im with ya in the qb part. However, you fit so nicely as a linebacker. A fierce guy like Brian Urlacher.

College: Although I think you could be a baseball pitcher (Cuz you have the size to be a pitcher and according to you you have a great arm strength) You fit as a fullback. You are small and big so you can block so yeah.

High School: Linebacker College: Fullback

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play where you feel most confortable, and where you can help out your team the most.

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thats not a problem at all, gosh if you have talents like that you should play every position in high school football, your coach will be so happy if he knows you could throw too, you know how much trick plays he could do, he could even use you as fullback, wow sky is the limit for you, thats no problem at all, just let your coach know, and your a freshman, you could even learn how to play other positions...its high school football, u could be a linbacker and a quarterback, and everything else you want to be all u gata do is work. se ya

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as a freshman in high school, you should ask the coach to let you try out for different positions.

Then try out as QB, tight end, and defensive end, linebacker, and safety.

if you can throw it with accuracy, then you should be able to show the coach that.

at your size you are too small for o-line or d-line. in high school those dudes run 240 to 250, and when you get to college some are pushign 300lbs.

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