A detroit lions question?

Question:On NFL.com the lions have a new roster. It shows jones first string, then Arlen Harris, then Tatum Bell. I thought Jones was hurt and wasnt the point of getting Tatum Bell to have a good STARTING Runing back?

So is this the official new roster of '07 or are these just an idea? Because all of the good players we got, like george foster, dewayne white and zach piller, they put them as 3rd string or worse? So is this the real 07 roster? Thanks


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That "roster" will change 100 times between now and when it matters. The season.

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the real new roster wont be complete until the draft is completely done with and most likely wont be finished totally until after the season games. So hold off on any questions on rosters until then they most likely just updates for what they have right now.

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If I were you I'd become a member at yourwinningpicks.com, those guys know everything, I'm more of pats fan myself, but whenever I have a question they get me the answer quicker then anyone.

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This is called a "phantom" roster. Just people at NFL.com throwing names into slots. At this point it doesn't matter at all because it will all change by Saturday.

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you mean on depth chart? it isn't always accurate or true, but jones is hurt, so ahe wont be in the lline up in opening day, but tatum and harris might be depending on the draft and camp

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The real roster won't be decided until after the preseason. There's no reason to get so worked up about the starting roster of 07 before the draft has even happened. Calm down man.

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They say that KJ will be ready to go....but the foot injury is the same as Teddy Lehman and he never made it back the following year. TBell is insurance and will be the #2 back #1 if KJ can't go. KJ is a better back but until the the O line is upgraded it really doesn't matter who runs the rock unless it is a hall of famer. Harris is the the #2 at the moment because Tbell has not learned the offense..I guess that means the 2nd round pick of B. Calhoun last draft was another Millen bust. Get ready to try to get excited about Joe Thomas. He will be rt and backus will move to lt hopefully the g we got in the Bly trade can start that will leave only a weak g postion and give the offense hope. They will need to score 31 to win because the defense will give up 28.

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