After the tragedy at virginia tech,how well that affect their football team?

they have always had a decent if not good team...well they be able to cope with what has happened?


How will michigan football end up in 2007?

They would play in memory of them, but i think that they'll still be the same though

Who are some of the best Defensive Tackles in the NFL ??

they will be fine, the coach called every player to make sure they were safe and they were. They are good every year!

Who will win the national championship in ncaa football this year? and what teams do you think will be great ?

It might stop the good freshmen from coming but they should be fine

American football called football?

The team will do fine they may even overachieve and rally behind it, but I don't want to see them on TV. It will be like trying to watch a LSU game after Katrina. I don't want to hear about the hurricane or the shooting in this case all through the game... The media urgh!

What position sould I play at 6'1?

Nothing can stop a Hokie
Born a Hokie, Die a Hokie

Live like a Hokie

How long does it take to produce an American Football?

GO HOKIES!!! just wait and see how it will affect them

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