Alot of people say i should play linebacker and a tight end in football but what are they??


What does the A & M in Texas A & M stand for?

They are smart so listen to them.

Who was the best halfback in NCAA?

Those are the two most fun positions to play, you should do it.

Why do people spank in football?

A linebacker is pretty much the leader of the defense. They stand behind the Defensive line and mostly guard the lower middle half of the field. Unless there is an extra receiver or tight end, they will cover them. A tight end is a bigger and slower version of a receiver. However, they are much more stronger and physical.

Who is the best defensive player in NFL history.?

Linebackers have opportunity to get most tackles in game, blitz quarterback, and maybe even intercept pass. Very important position defense. Tight End is the receiver/linemen type that will block usually defensive ends and sometimes go out for a pass.

What NFL running back has the most fumbles in a career?

Linebackers are the men standing up behind the defensive linemen that have their hands on the ground. They rush the QB, stop the run, and drop back into pass coverage.
Tight Ends are like wide receivers and offensive tackes put together. On certain plays, they go out to catch a pass. On other plays they stay lined up next to the tackle and blocking for the running back.
Tight ends and linebackers are both required to be smart players because they are both two postions put together. Tight ends are combinations of both offensive linemen and wide receivers. Linebackers are combinations of d-linemen and defensive backs. For both positions, the player has to be very athletic with the right combination of speed, size and strength.

How good will jay cutler be next year?

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