Any truth to a question asked about LJ going to dallas?

it was a question earlier...any source to this?


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No , I haven't heard anything like this. I'm 100% sure he is staying with the Chiefs. The Cowboys have Julius Jones and Marion Barber, they are not looking for a RB...

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HIGHLY doubt it.
Plus my husband's a huge Cheifs fan, so if he'd heard this, I would surely know!

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DAL has no need for him with Jones and Barber. The Chiefs are idiots for thinking of trading LJ, btw. What is Herm Edwards trying to do, get them ready for a 2015 play-offs run? He already got rid of the best special teams player in the nation, and now he is willing to get rid of the heart of his offense? Makes one wonder.

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Nope the Chiefs arent gonna trade him. LJ is looking for an LT like contract, and even though he is a great running back, he's no LT. A team that trades for him now will have to give up a lot to get him from the Chiefs, and then will have to pay him a lot. I think teams will just wait until he's a free agent.

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that was my question that your talking about!.I just asked that because we need another Back and I think Jones would be willing to part with some of our picks for talent like that!..but no there are no rumors about LJ going to Dallas!!

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No... He is too valuable for the Chiefs to give up...
Also, i doubt the Cowboys want him eaither since Marion Barber the third is going to be a huge waste of talent if he becomes the third string runningback...
The CHiefs are not giving him up unless they get decent players from the Cowboys

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As a Cowboy fan (Chiefs hater) from Missouri, I must say that as good of a player as LJ is, I sure don't want him in Dallas. Barber and Jones made a stellar combo last year, and I don't want DAL giving up anything for LJ. All of Dallas' players are in place for next year, and I don't see them getting rid of anyone to get LJ. I do love all of these Chiefs that are finally seeing the light, like Trent Green eying Miami and Dante Hall signing with STL, Great stuff!! Hope LJ goes in a trade to Cleveland!!

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LJ is gonna go to Buffalo or the Packers mark that down!

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