KC trades Dante Hall. ► Who will be the Chiefs next X-FACTOR ◄?


Do you think the patriots are going to win the super bowl or not if not why?

First off, I think the Chiefs did an abysmal job of getting value for the best returner of this generation.

Herm really needs to take control of this team and this franchise.

Second off, if Robert Meachem or Ted Ginn Jr. are there at 23, they have to take one of them. There's no excuse for going another year with a #2 receiver [Eddie Kennison] and a #4 receiver [Samie Parker]. The x-factor is the #23 pick, it could make or break them.

Chris Leak?

Larry johnson

He is Awesome

What is wrong with this person?

Ted Ginn Jr.

Steve Smith or Chad johnson?

At this point he is not on the team. KC is in the middle of a major transformation and the 'X' factor is not there.

I can't believe your team is not even Larry Johnson the love he deserves. I just heard the Chiefs are looking at backs to "share the load" with him. That translates to "next year you are gone."

What's the latest on Ricky Williams?

Ted Ginn Jr. if he's available when the pick.

Will Brady Quinn be starter quarterback?

Players like that come once in a lifetime for a team... enjoy Devin Hester

Why did Clinton Portis say that?

X-factor? For the last two years all he has been is an EX-factor. Might be looking into Ted Ginn. Jr.

Old NFL Offense versus new?

Hopefully nobody, Hall arms crossed X was so terribly stupid.

Should the Packers draft Marshawn Lynch or Greg Olsen?

culpepper cuz they trade during the draft for trent green will help

Why was Ben Wallace traded, did he ask to be, was it money or did they want him gone, who is his replacement?

no one will be Chiefs' XFACTOR, cause after green leaves, and the other teams get more of huards' tapes, they'll just struggle on the passing game. Larry will be their only Xfactor if he can run with what is left of the chiefs o-line

I need to authenicate a football signed by the 49er football team, how do i do that?

The Cheifs have no X-factor. Larry Johnson is the only dominant player on your team who can change the game.

Who was more guilty of his crime: Ray Lewis or O.J. Simpson?

If ted Ginn is available they will pick him up

Do you think there might ever be a female in the N.F.L. ?

There will never be another "X-Factor" is KC...not with Carl Peter$on and Herm "Whateva' you say boss" Edwards in charge.

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