Any idea the length in time of the nfl's first round of the draft??


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Each team has 15 mins (7.5 hours - 8 hours total). This is for the 1st round only.

Most of the teams take the full 15 mins so that is why it takes so long. The first day is only round 1 and 2. Rounds 3-7 will happen on Sunday.

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Way too long. The 1st day takes forever. They only do 3 rounds the entire day starting at 11am. Atleast 4 hours or more.(My answer's optimistic in that I always hope team's won't take the entire friggin' 15 minutes, but nearly all of 'em do.)

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I would say between 5 and 6 hours. And with ESPN covering it, you can guarantee a non stop snooze fest.

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Each team get 15 minutes to make its choice. That comes out to 7 1/2 hours as the theoretical maximum for the first round.

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15x32=480 minutes so 7 1/2 hours.

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in the last few years it would take around 2 hours maybe 2 and a half for the first round, then an hour for the second and third. so just about 4-5 hours.

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about 480mins if all the teams use the full alotment of 15 minutes


that person saying that rounds 1-2 are the first day is wrong 1-3 first day 4-7 second day

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At least an hour an a half.

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Time Limits by Round

• Round 1 - 15 minutes * 32 = 480 minutes which is 8 hours
• Round 2 - 10 minutes * 32 = 320 minutes - 5 hours 15 mins
• Round 3 - 5 minutes * 32 = 160 minutes - 2 hours 45 mins
• Round 4 - 5 minutes
• Round 5 - 5 minutes
• Round 6 - 5 minutes
• Round 7 - 5 minutes

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4 hours

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The first round of the draft is LONG! 32 teams each have 15 minutes to pick. Most don't take the whole time, but each chhoice averages like 10 minutes or something long like that, and the first round alone takes about 5 hours. Later rounds are shorter because teams have less time, but the second and third rounds last about 3-4 hours combined, and rounds 4-7 last about 6-7 more hours.

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well there are 32 picks each team has 15 minutes to select so if every team used all of it it would add up to 8 hours, however teams rarley use even 10 minetes they usually select in the range of 3-7 minutes i would recomend coming back every couple of minutes to check and see if there is somthing interesting or watching the latter part of the draft as it will cover every thing at the times inbetween picks

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