Another pat dynasty? possibly undefeated?

lets face it, the only true void the pats had last year was a deep threat.donte stallworth clearly fills that void.and with thomas on the team.can i say wow...who will be able to stop them? Manning got his ring, enough with the colts.the pats have the best qb in the game (and i hate saying that as i hate the pats but its the truth) manning might have the records but brady has 3 rings and thats what will the pats demolish the AFC (the harder of the two divisions) and will the squash the NFC for the superbowl??


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I don't think we can call it another Pat dynasty because I think when we look back on this team long term this season whatever happens will be part of the "current" pats dynasty. I fully admit my bias as Patriots fan but they are my favorite to win the Super Bowl next year. They had an 18 point lead in the AFC Championship this year and were a half game of football away making it.

With that said, I don't think Thomas and Stallworth are as big a deal as people are making it out to be. Will they help? Absolutely, but I think that the larger question marks for the Patriots are still just the health issues of some of the veterans on defense. If Rodney Harrison is healthy in the playoffs that's a different secondary out there. I believe the most important thing the Patriots did this offseason over Thomas is holding onto Assante(though its not 100% case closed yet) None of the other top teams from last season have kept their team together as well as the Patriots.

The Patriots will not go undefeated with the schedule they have, its not going to be a matter of benching players late in the season, its just too tough of a schedule to consider. They will win the East, and they're goal will be to get that first round bye that they had for the 3 super bowls. If they get that, they're going to win it all.

College Football 2007?

Keep dreaming! The Lombardi Trophy is in Indianapolis to stay!! GO COLTS!!!!!

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They won't go unbeaten...I promise you that. If Bill clinches homefield (and thats a huge IF) he'll bench all his playmakers on offense and defense. That's just pure stupidity to start your key players once you are garunteed home field throughout the playoffs

Why are American football coaches (and many other sports) almost always chewing gum?

OK, first of all Stallworth sucks. He's too stoned to be a deep threat. Second, Brady is good, but his supporting cast has gotten him those three rings. And third, their defense still sucks, even with Adalius Thomas. They won't even make it to the AFC Championship game. They shouldn't have gone last year. They got lucky against the Chargers, but that won't happen again. LT is pissed at them, and he's gonna run up and down on them. They're a bunch of classless, spoiled, b*tches. It'll be Pittsburgh and San Diego in the AFC Championship and whoever wins will kick the crap out of the NFC.

Pats linebackers?

Not undefeated. The Patriots have been the team for this decade. Constantly making it far in the playoffs and pulling off three Super Bowl victories. I see them maintaining strong hopes of another ring all the way up to Bill's retirement. He is a great head coach and very smart with personnel moves. Made some scary decisions a few years ago and still they made it to the Super Bowl and won. He continues to provide what they need and address key issues. Great gameplan and always knows how to win. Patriots and Colts will be atop the AFC once again. As this will be another possible AFC championship game.

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Undefeated, I don't think so, but they sure would be one of the fav's not only to make the su[perbowl, but win it again.

I think its the past 8 years, the PATS have been far the best team in the NFL.

What will the lions do with their second pick ,,i hope-?

Just because you made a couple of key moves in a weak free agent class does not mean that your back on top.Stallworth is a bust, and Thomas is overpaid

Who do you all see my New England Patriots getting with their 2 first round picks in the NFL Draft?

7-9 at best circumstances

How long do you think it will be until the NFC wins the superbowl?

The Pats had a good offseason of revamping, but I highly doubt that they will be undefeated.

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no team will ever go undefeated for the entire year the pats have a good shot at going deep in the playoffs...

Which was worse?

Uh No. Stallworth is injury prone and is only a deep threat he cant do much else. Thomas is not going to do as well away from the Ravens as people think. And the Patriots days are done. They wont win another Superbowl this decade and they definitly wont go undefeated this season. The AFC teams are way to good. Even the bad teams, will give them a run for their money. Also adding new players doesnt always help, those players have to build chemistry with their new teamates. Its very hard for me to believe that you are not a Patriots fan.

Tom Brady is a Man-Whore...What do you think?

The Patriots will have another solid season as usual but the difficulty of their schedule won't let them go untarnished.

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They will split with JETS for starters in their own division
Second, they play on the road against INDY, CINCY, BALT, and DALL. They could lose all 4 of those games but definitely 2 out of the 4. That puts them at a possible 13-3 if they ran the table at home (7-1 sounds better).
Another good season for the Pats and a 1st round bye but beware of the JETS and Eric Mangini with Thomas Jones, a lighter schedule could have them competing for the divisions right along with aging Patriots.

Varsity football?

16-0 As long as Tom Brady can keep his personal life off the field. People were talking about the Bears going undefeated last year and a year ago the Colts. This years Pats are going to be one of the best teams in NFL history. Even if Dante Stallworth only gets 38 cathes and 700+ yards (like last year lead the league in YPC) he streaches the defense and opens up the middle of the field for Watson and Wes Welker. This is going to be Bradys best year ever as he has the best weapons and is in the prime of his carear. The running game will be good - but not great. If Dillion had stayed they would have been great. Re-signing of Heath Evens will help them there.

As for the defense... people who are saying their defense was bad they were ranked third in the red zone last year and thats where it matters. Asante Samuel is only a 1-year contract player now so expect him to play for it all every game he signs for the big bucks next year. Patriots have the 1st or 2nd best set of linebackers in the game now. (the Broncos are tied if not better). The D-line is unstopable. Rodney Harrison is getting old but if he stays healthy the defense should be nasty. I expect the Pats to draft a saftey early incase harrison goes down. Now the only weakness is their #2 CB Hobbs... who is actually getting better and I expect he has a good year.

I don't know a team that can beat the Pats when they are firing on all cylinders... If they can win the first 5 games (some tough opponents) they will go for the record.

And people saying Belichick will bench the players at the end. HELL NO he cares more about records than any other ocach if seen. Signing Flutie so he can drop kick, Testiverdi so he can break the record for most consec years with a TD pass. He will go for the 16-0 even at risk for the playoffs (we will get a bye anyways).

How does a organization trade Randy Moss for a freckin round pick, especially in the 4th round?

This is arguablly the best team that they have gone into a season with. They also have two first round picks in the draft to pick which ever position they want to add depth to.

If i play DB?

undefeated no chance.super bowl looks promising,,dynasty still rolling...GO PATS

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Well, it seems that the Pats couldn't stop Peyton Manning in their two last two years. The guy probably already figured Bellichick out. Also, the Pats somehow have problem with the Broncos. I think they'll have a solid season like they usually do, but not undefeated.

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i dont care what anyone says the pats are still a dynasty right now even tho they havent won the superbowl in 2 years... they still have won 3 superbowls in 6 years and have won 5 division titles, 4 championship game appearances, 5 playoff appearances, they have gone 12-2 in the playoffs since 20o1 and it looks like they will continue that trend for quite some time

How will the Detroit Lions do this season?

easily a new dynasty but no one goes undefeated it will probably never be matched.

The SuperBowl (not what you think)?

With all those GREAT offseason signings of Adalius Thomas, Kyle Brady, Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth, Sammy Morris, and now Kelley Washington the reciver from the Bengals. I think that Pats are loaded. With Tom Brady throwing the ball to all those recivers I named and Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, and Lawrance Maroney carrying the ball; they will be great. As for the defense, it will be much much stronger and capable of shutting down the opposing teams offense. The Pats are now going for LB Edgerton Hartwell from the Falcons, a GREAT run stopper.

No team in the NFl can go unbeaten in a season. Look at the Colts they almost did that untill losing to the "bad" teams like Texans and Titans.

Pats WILL be Super Bowl 42 champs. There is no way they cant do that and win.


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They do look pretty nasty this year,probably the best team on paper since they started winning 7 years ago san diego has better talent but will have trouble adjusting to a new system and the Jets should have a good squad they should do well,look for the Jets to challenge them though. Go Pats

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undefeated - no cuz they have a tough schedule but look for them to be in the Super Bowl

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Wake up & smell the coffee! Those losers are done. They'll be lucky to finish second in their division. They're not even in the top 5 teams in the AFC.

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patriots are my 2nd favorite team, only to the packers. i dont see them going undefeated, but they will certainly be a great team in the next few years. watch out for denver though, they made some key moves with their defense, and remember, defense wins championships

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