Americas Team - Dallas Cowboys - more popular than Pittsburgh Steelers?

What do you think? Personally, when I go to games there are people there from all over the world. I'm in Connecticut and have found thousands of Cowboys fans here even amongst Patriot and Giants territory.


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America's team got it's name by being a consistent winner in the 70's, playing in several Super Bowls. The name stuck, as did several fans. The next generation got to enjoy that same greatness with the 90's Cowboys teams'. As far as right now, seeing how the Cowboys still have a lot of media buzz surrounding the team, they still have a part of America's eye. The Steelers, on the other hand, won the Super Bowl 2 years ago, and just collapsed and fell to obscurity. That's the only reason the Cowboys are still America's team. If Pittsburgh could pull together 3 or 4 Super Bowls within a decade, then that might have to be reconsidered.

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I'd like to know who made them americas team not me

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i would say that the stealer's are more popular personally because they had just won a Superbowl.Cow boys are cool but i think the stealer's take the lead

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no the steelers rock 5 superbowls

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Neither...we didn't get to vote for so called "America's Team" in Northeast Ohio. And if we did--it wouldn't be the Steelers or the Cowboys...

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Sure they are,I believe the year the Steelers won the Super Bowl,some of the fans of Americas team,traded in their jerseys in for the Steelers jerseys!

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Of course its the Steelers. Cowboys are the past.

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Well at my school i am the only Steelers fan, o and the is about 3 cowboy fans

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For "Stuff" that said "um no the steelers rock 5 superbowls"
So do the Cowboys.

I think that the Cowboys are more popular because I`ve lived in a lot of places and no matter where I`ve went there was always a great amount of Cowboy fans.
Cocoa Beach, Florida; Philly; Humoldt Park, Chicago; San Diego; California and now I`m in Newark, New Jersey. There are many fans here that love them to death and have actually got into fist fights over it.

[I am one; not fist fights but verbal arguements]

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shitsburgh did not win a super bowl the refs did just like 79 all over agian but with no jackie smith

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Its the Steelers the Cowboys were yesterday's news.

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Nope the Cowboys AREN'T more popular then the Steelers. The two are about even. The difference is the Steelers fans will be there when the team is at the bottom, there are more Cowboys fans that will jump ship. Also add to it the Cowgirls fans that don't care about the game and just watch the Cheerleaders. So the Cowboys may APPEAR to have a few more fans the teams are basically even.

Oh and about well Cowboy fans are all over, did you know that San Diego required that anyone who bought tickets to the Chargers vs. Steelers game(regular season like a year or two ago) had to buy tickets to either one or two OTHER games? They were trying to keep the Steelers fans from traveling there just for the game because there were constantly more Steelers fans then Chargers fans. It was called the "Three Rivers of the West" back when the Steelers played in Three Rivers Stadium.

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Not even close! The STEELER Nation is international & the Black & Gold leads in merchandise sales & just take a look at the stands when the Steelers are on the road anywhere in the country. There's usually a huge Steeler fan section in every stadium, something the Cryboys can't ever boast. Hell, here in the 'Burgh, the crime rate goes up if they manage somehow to lose on Sunday, people call off work on Monday, & when they last won the SB, 250,000 fans showed up for the party & the birth rate soared!

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I'm not really sure cuz cowboys r so called "Americas Team" but the steelers won last,.last years superbowl and much more
so 2 me it's kinda even

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