Any women in central Illinois interested in joining my new full contact tackle football team?

It will be based either in Springfield or Jacksonville, and will be in a league. The team will compete with other female teams. Practice will commence immediately once the roster reaches at least 30 players. There are almost no sports outside of college for women on a regular basis, so come on and join! Make a big statement with us! There's the player position, coordinators of various things, representative, etc also available. Contact me at! Let's obliterate men's stereotypes about us women joining a rough sport. I plan on being a player, too.


Where can I get old football helments refurbished?

Why do you have to discriminate against the guys?!? I think playin' "full contact tackle football" with a bunch of women sounds like a lot of fun! In fact, the only thing that would make it better would be if it were full contact co-ed naked football! Heck, it wouldn't even have to be co-ed. Just make it full contact tackle football for naked women. I'd pay money to see that and I bet most men would agree with me! ;)~

Caramel'swomen - Relax, it was a joke!

Why did ryan leaf turn out to be a bust in the draft?

i have a friend who may be willing, by the way i am a guy and i think girls can play, ill tell her to email you

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