All-time. Which athlete is the face of your city?

San Diego: There's a case to be made for Fouts, LT, Seau, etc. But to me it's Mr. Padres Tony Gwynn, always was. But it seems like in a decade LT might supplant him, especially if he retires a Chargers, and if he wins a ring along the way then it pretty much defenitely will be LT. Which athlete is the face of your city?


If you were?

I agree with the other Baltimore fans here that Ray Lewis, and Cal Ripken are the most recognizable faces of Baltimore sports today. However as long as Johnny Unitas memory lives on here, he too will always be a face of Baltimore sports history.

I wasn't even alive for the Baltimore Colts, but I am the proud owner of a Colt blue cap with "19" stitched on the front, and "BALTIMORE" stitched on the back, that I bought at the Sports Legends museum right next door to Camden Yards.

Those kinds of caps aren't made for just anyone, there is a proud legacy behind them that is not forgotten at all in football all together let alone Baltimore.

There's also Jim Palmer, Earl Weaver, Brooks and Frank Robinson, Eddie Murray, Raymond Barry, Art Donovan among others who are also forever linked to Baltimore sports.

Best RB duo in College football?

don mattingly lives here (evansville, indiana)

Wow the browns did the best in the draft?

Mike Schmidt

Will either team win more than 3 games this year Oakland or Detroit?

SF bay area big 3: Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Willie Mays.

Did the Chargers fluke or will they be another force to reckon next season?

For SF Bay Area...
-Joe Montana
-Willie Mays

Out of the current athletes, Id say Frank Gore.

Barry Bonds was, but with the steroid allegations, not anymore.

Who is gonna win the superbowl(2007-2008)?

Well, I am from Albany and the man there currently is the UAlbany Star Rashad Barksdale, and now I am in the Castkills so I have to say either Mike Tyson or Floyd Patterson

How do your guys think the AFC North will be this season.who will win the divsion?

Barry Bonds - San Francisco

How can i get faster?

Lets see.

I route for the RAVENS. I think it would be Ray Lewis, Todd Heap, and so to be.Willis McGahee.

Most likely/probable draft day trades?

Houston, TX: Currently Tracy McGrady, all-time I would think Warren Moon

Pacman Jones OR Terrell Owens: Which NFL player is worst?

In L.A. it has to be Magic Johnson!

The NFL draft?

New York probably could have a lot depending on your favorite sport
I guess I might have to go with Babe Ruth and I'm not even a yankee fan

Why are some idiots focused on Melanin content of the skin?

I live in Troy,NC and the only pro Athletes that live here are Kerry Collins( owns a 6000 acre farm ) and a Koch man who played for Da Bears years ago. Also, Dwayne Carpenter (49ers) played High School football here.

How bout them Cowboys?

the bay area natives got it. names like montana, rice, mays, and bonds are synonymous with the city of San Francisco

Why is jime jones and jay-z mad at each other?

In Boston, I'd say either David Ortiz or Tom Brady. The reason is that they are the most clutch players ever in Boston. Of all time though, I'd have to say Ted Williams cuz he is the best ever.

Which Nfl years will the Pats win a super bowl?

San Antonio- Tim Duncan

What team do you think will draft Brady Quinn?

Jim Kelley, Buffalo
He is all over buffalo and was one of our greatest athletes
he led the bills to 4 straight afc titles, and currently holds a football camp during summers.
He loves this city, and we love him

Of the Seahawks' 2007 draft picks:?

Too many. I will have to do this by sport.

Baseball: Roberto Clemente

Hockey: Mario Lemiuex

Football: Even though he was not an athlete, Art Rooney. No Steelers player will ever be above The Chief.

Did the steelers make a good hire at head coach?

Mark Brunnell

Should Wichita State have a football team?

sweetpea whitaker or bruce smith. norfolk, va. i went to high school with both of them.

Collage football the best??/?

cleveland - we have lebron james, we had jim brown, mark price, bernie kosar and jim thome when he was here

Of these tailbacks, which will have a breakout season in 2007?

I'm from Baltimore so it's tough. Cal Ripken is probobly since people around here love him and he's one of the greatest shortstops I've ever seen. He has a consecutive record that I think won't be broken for a long time if ever but since this is the football question category and I like it better anyway I'd have to say Ray Lewis. He's one of the best linebackers ever in the NFL and he is the heart and soul of our defense. He helped remind people that great defenses can carry a team all the way through the playoffs and capture a super bowl victory. He is involved with a lot of children's and community charity organizations around the city plus he has a barbaque and rib restruant in Baltimore that has great ribs and other down south treats. You see him on billboards all around the city and Baltimore fans love him.

Laron Landry?

The pro athlete faces are Jimmy Smith and Tony Boselli.

The faces that went on or are going on to be great... Chipper Jones (Graduated from Bolles High), Jonathan Papelbon (Graduated from Bishop Kenny High), and Tim Teebow (Graduated Nease High).

My hometown? Jacksonville, FL

Do you think the chiefs will go all the way.?

Chicago. Ernie Banks - "Lets play two today!" will always be the face of Chicago sports. But Michael Jordan isn't far behind. Or Mike Ditka.

And its hard to forget Harry Caray as the announcer.

Do you think the Browns will trade for an '08 1st rounder?

Well in Pittsburgh it has to be Mario Lemieux.

How many more illigitimate children will Tom Brady have?

Berry Switzer (central Oklahoma)

Football movies?

brownsville,tx- id say david robinson,or tim duncan

AFL/NFL Players?

I'm in's a one-horse show with the Trailblazers...for the old-timers its Bill Walton but for most people it's Clyde Drexler.

What Team had the Best NFL Draft this Year?

Nashville was- Steve Mcnair and Eddie George
now- Vince Young

What is the highest price for NFL football tickets?

In Kansas City, I'd say George Brett. Of guys that are still alive and around KC, the only other athlete that would come close is Len Dawson.

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