A few old football/baseball cards?

Question:I have a few football/baseball/hockey cards from about 1990
were do i find out how much there worth?


Football problem...?

go to beckett.com go to my collections and add cards to it each card you add the value of your collection goes up this way you don't have to pay for a subscription to beckett

What player did you hate when he was with another team, but love now that he plays for your team?

go to ebay to look at other bids

Does anyone think that the NFL Draft is completely overrated and overanalyzed?

go into a card shop, but make sure you go into many different ones to make sure they aren't lying. Try ebay to see how much they can sell for

College Football?

Beckett magazine or http://www.beckett.com

Who were the QB for the Montreal Machines in the World football League in the early 90's?

o to walmart into the magazines and find becket basbal card and look up the year and all that crap but thats only baseball cards

Which N.F.L player should never have left his original team?

Try eBay, your local card shop, Beckett magazines either baseball, basketball, football, or hockey.

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