Any other Vikes fans wondering why they passed on Dwayne Jarrett in the second round?

If they had picked him instead of Rice, people would be talking about how well the Vikings did, not the Panthers!


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Trust me I was yelling for Jarrett..BUT.I later found out that Jarrett catches everything but doesnt do much after the catch. He is 6'0 ...

Rice is 6'3 and flies downfield like no ones business...

So I am quite happy with him...The people taking about Jarrett see USC games every saturday so they are more familiar with him and he is a easier player to brag about. Dont fret, with all the speed on offense now we should be able to spread that field and run right past the pack and the Bears..the rest dont much matter now do they?
Purple Pride is back >>>>.Can you hear me now>?

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I am a USC fan and I must say that passing on Jarrett was a mistake. Just because Mike Williams did not work out in Detroit doe not mean Jarrett will be a bust.

Too many teams look at schools and try to figure out trends of the type of players they turn out. It looks like they have pegged USC with slow receivers.

The funny thing is I think Jarrett will do well and I think Mike Williams has an excellent chance to ressurect his carreer in Oakland (being reunited with his former USC coach).

It is all about finding the right players for your system.

How would this scenario play out?

I thought this same thing (live in Minnesota, big Vikes fan); and a good friend of mine gave me some load of crap about how Jarrett has question marks and is inconsistent.

This is same thing I've heard about Rice, plus Rice hails from South Carolina, the same school as Butterfingers Williamson. I didn't like tthe Vikings draft at all. They have bungled every front office decision since the Moss trade.

People can disagree of course. But I certainly loved the days of making the playoffs every year, going 10-6, and scoring 35 points a game. Yeah, it's really fun watching a defense only give up, like, 15 yards against the run a game; but it's excruiatingly frustrating to watch them give up 450 yards through the air, and not be able to score touchdowns.

Oh, and the 5-11 and 6-10 seasons are fun, too. Vikings fans are alot like Yankee fans and it get frustrating.

Once and for all: Playoffs = Successful season. Just because the team loses doesn't make the season a disappointment. I am happy with the Twins season last year, and am happy with the Wild run this year. Miss the T-Wolves and Vikings of old.

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Apples and oranges my friend. Jarret looked terrible in his workouts and the Vikings chose Rice who looked better. To tell you the truth I would have rather had Steve Smith from USC instead of Jarret. Jarret made his money on one game against Michigan. Other than that he was an O.K. reciever. It's called Jamarcus Russel syndrome. That guy is going to be a complete bust and when everyone looks back they are going to say he was only the number one pick because he had a really good champoinship game. Look back five years from know and see who has the better career. My bet is Rice.

IS it bad to be a Michigan fan??

because he's another pathetic WR from USC. The Panthers will regret drafting him but I guess aquiring underachieving wr's from USC is their specialty since they already have Keyshawn Johnson, Keary Colbert, and now Dwayne Jarrett on their roster.

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It has become obvious over the years that the Vikings have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

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No! Rice has the better upside. Jarrett is considered a Williams clone and we all see how well he turned out!

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I'm neither a fan of Minnesota or USC, but they made a mistake. They need a guy who is a consistent producer and a playmaker at WR and that is what Dwayne Jarrett is. More importantly, I'm surprised that the Chargers passed on him with pick #30, and I love LSU and Craig "Buster" Davis. The Panthers got a steal, but they still aint gonna win the NFC South because my New Orleans Saints got that on lock!

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