"College Football Fans" how do you project WR Robert Meachem will do in the NFL?

Do you think he will become a average or great player?


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probably somewhere in the middle of average and great. i think he will be very good player but not great. afterall he is playing in the #1 ranked offense from last year, he has 2 stud RBs and a pro bowl QB throwing him the ball. and colston will attract attention from the D so it frees meachem up more.

Who will have the best rookie season?

I say great. Maybe not like hall of fame great, but hes set up for success.

Football season will start soon any suggestion into getting in shape?

He has a chance to have a solid career and can develop into a #2 receiver. Other than Calvin Johnson and maybe Sidney Rice, I'm not too impressed with WRs in this year's draft.

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At 6'2" 214-Lbs. he must gain some weight and bulk up to at least 225-Lbs which he most likely will. Playing for the Saints under Brees and Sean Payton I think he well become one of the most feared offnsive thrests in the elague, only thing is he needs to stay healthy and bulk up. I say he well go to the pro bowl about maybe 5 or 7 times, reminds me of a young eric moulds.

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