Anything less then a Superbowl victory for the Pats this year would be a severe dissappoinment?

Considering all the A+ talent the Patriots have acquired in this offseason... anything less then winning the Superbowl this year would be a very big disappointment for New England... do you agree?


What does Alex Smith need to do this year?

Yes but get ready for a Disappointment Indy again

What will the top 10 teams be , at the beginning of the new college football season?

I agree.

The problem is that the Pats have set themselves up for an implosion. They have brought in a number of players who are very vocal and may disrupt the quiet flow that is the Patriots.

The Patriots have always been about teamwork, but with Donte Stallworth and Randy Moss competeing to be the #1 receiver (admittedly Moss will take that role). On top of that their first two picks from Miami are not squeaky clean.

The potential for fighting is huge. To me this smacks of desperation. The Pats know they have a couple of good years left before they will have to do a total rebuild and they are trying to catch magic in a bottle now.

I do like their acquisition of Wes Welker from the Dolphins. He quietly amassed stats at both receiving and kick returns last year that were very impressive (imagine what he could do with Tom Brady).

If the Pats use Welker for kick returns that would free up Maroney to focus on just running.

This is definitely going to be the year the Pats make it back and crush everyone, or we will see them dump the malcontents mid year and "re-group".

What I don't understand is the love affair everyone has this morning with Randy Moss. Everyone loves this move, as if he has all of a sudden become a dedicated team player.

It is true that Moss wants a ring, but unlike other players he is not willing to work hard for it. The Pats can't change who Moss is.

Who should be the starting QB for Notre Dame?

Pretty much...They have to get the defensive backfield straightened out...The only certainty there seems to be Asante Samuel...Hobbs did OK but not as good as Samuel...They picked up Brandon Meriweather out of Miami...That should help, but rookies will have their mistakes...

If the NFL are going to expand 2 teams where should they be?

100% CORRECT!! they are much stronger, and now getting randy moss will help, also, despite his wise guy antics! they should it all! over who? look for rematch of 2004! carolina!

Who won their NFL Fantasy league last season?

That seems to be true, but if Moss acts up he's not going to be playing

Who were the Purple People Eaters of the Minnesota Vikings?

Randy Moss could hurt more than he helps... but the Pats certainly look good on paper.

"NFL FANS" who do you thind is the top 5 receivers in the 2007 draft ?

They look great on paper. will have to see how they do when the season comes around. It's a long time from now and you never know what could happen but i'd say they're one of the favorites.

Syracuse CB Tanard Jackson First Rounder ?

What talent, the reason they have not won last year is because of ego problems with brady. Its a proven fact that football takes team work not one individual. I live in maine which is part of the new england area. I will put my money where my mouth is and am willing to bet they won't win one for another 2-5 years. Alot of there wins were luck

Who is the better reciever?

hell ya even with out having moss

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