After everything that has happened this offseason thus far... who WILL win the Superbowl next year?

Free Agency, Trades & The Draft... whose win the Superbowl this year? Honestly & Non-Biasly...


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The Patriots I think will win this year, because of all the upgrades. They should have won last year, with much less talent. As far as San Diego goes, per the above poster, I think it's great that you had 11 pro bowl players. They did not get you very far though. The Pat's have never had a lot of pro bowl players, because they play as a team and their offensive and defensive schemes are more team oriented. We do not look for "individual" players, but pieces of the pie. Tom Brady should have definitely made the pro bowl in my opinion last year with his stats and the wr's he had. The patriot players always say they will take Superbowl rings over pro bowl selections ANY DAY. They have always been snubbed, but could care less, because championships mean the most to them.

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well the colts have a good chance of repeating even without their draft picks.

the patriots are going to be a top runner too with their acquisition of randy moss.

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as much as i hate to admit it, THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS WILL WIN IT THIS YEAR! THEY improved immensely in offseason!

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I think Indy has a great shot to repeat, New england made a lot of moves too. they are my front runners. In the NFC, I think the Saints and Philly will be the top dogs

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If you go by right now the New England Patriots will win the Superbowl. Now I am not a Pat's fan but right now they have made the best moves to become the Superbowl Champions for the 2007-2008 season. They added Thomas, Stallworth, Welker, Moss, they had probably the best draft out of the entire league. My pick right now is the Patriot's over the Saints 35-17. Now I know it is early to predict the Superbowl but this is my selection for now.

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I was calling the Patriots the favorites before the draft and I will stay with it now. The have made the most improvements this offseason and add to that the fact that they were already in the AFC Championship game last year in a good position to win. They have stregnthened every aspect of their games, they added Adelius Thomas to their defense that was already a strong D plus they have Tory James as a back up for Asanti Samuel. They have added Randy Moss, Dante Stallworth, Washington and Wes Welker , Moss and Stallworth will be a dangerous combination. Also, Welker will be a good kicker returner to go along with Ellis Hobbs and Laurence Maroney who were great returners last year. They have made better improvements than any other team, every other team has lost at least one key player if not more and the Patriots have just improved. Also, factor in that they were so close to making the Superbowl last year and that is why they are my pick.

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Way Way Way to early to even guess who is gonna be in the playoffs...much less win the SB. There too many injuries in football to make an accurate guess. Also there is no way to tell how well the new players (drafted, traded, or free agents) will mesh with their new teams. That being said, however, if someone held a gun to my head and made me guess...I'd say New England and Atlanta. New England is always good, and Tom Brady just got a great new target in Randy Moss. The Dirty Birds (atl falcons) are my favorite team, We hired head coach Bobby Patrino (who i really like) we had a good draft (getting 3 possible starters to fill some holes), got a much needed veteran WR in Joe Horn, We're getting some key players (most notably John Abraham and Brian Finneran) back from injury, and the nfc south...or for that matter the entire nfc is anyone's for the taking.

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Even though im not a chargers fan, i believe the chargers will take it this coming season. They did improve and LT and Rivers and Gates are still there so they will have a potent offense. Rivers is now more exprienced so he will make better choices

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San Diego...Yes New England added to their team with Moss And Thomas..Moss is at the downhill of his career...Brady isnt going to do much with Moss..Thomas is a good football player but we have Merriman...We all know New England's offense isnt nearly as good as Chargers...That is why they made like 2 players to the pro bowl and we made 11..They got lucky and beat us...But we will see this season when we play them...Go Chargers

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The Patriots are going to win #4 this year...

Anyone Surprised?

New England has got to be the favorite. When you look at how they finished last year, and the additions in free agency and now the good draft and Randy Moss...You might just be looking at a team capable of going undefeated!

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Even with a depleted recieving corps last year they probably would have won the super bowl had their whole defense not gotten the flu the week of the AFC game with all the additions I cant see how you could bet against New England.

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Patriots.Adalius Thomas, Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth, Brandon's like they're saying...forget about character problems, we want to win...

they're adding weapons and playmakers to make another super bowl run.

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