49ers have super bowl potential?

Do the SF 49ers have superbowl potential this year. They signed a couple defensive players to cover their weaknesses and they have an amazing running back and a rising QB. They could use some WR but they have improved much from last year (they ended the year 5-4 I think). GO 49ers!!!!!


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I don't think they are a contender yet. even after their free agent signings i still think there passing game is a little weak, and, as good as frank gore is, I don't think they can ride him to a super bowl. But they are doing a lot of good things to help build toward that.

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Sure...they have as much potential as the Raiders

ha ha lol

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yes mabe in the year 2035

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No they don't, not just yet they need to get those wide out before they can even be a contender. The QB spot is still up in the air. Lets see if they can repeat what they did last year then ask this question again.

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probably not this year but maybe in 2-3 years. parity is alive in the nfl so ya never know.

their division is so weak they may get to the playoffs and stun people. hope not but it wouldn't be a complete surprise.

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not yet but they are going in right direction,,also depends on how offensive coordinator is too,,remember turner left and he was the mastermind of that offense

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definitly have super bowl potential.just received wr from bills 3 dbaks not to mention one of those guys has two rings wit pats and look for vernon davis for mvp caliber year with him takin one two combo wit my boy gore alex smith only gets better S.F DEFINITE SUPER BOWL CONTENTION

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No. It all depends on Alex Smith's improvement at sustaining drives. They need to prove they can beat quality teams other then the seahawks.

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The 49ers will not have SB potential as long as John York owns the team.

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They have playoff potential but not SB.

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