255 new NFL players?

How can the draft add 255 players? Do 255 men who played last year get fired?


Which runningback will lead the league in rushing next year?

all the players dont get signed to the tem (i.e. cannot make the team) alot of the players go to europe and play in the nfl-europe. players can also play on teams practice squds witho0ut being on thier roster. and alot of players leave because say 150 of those new players make teams then 150 of them could easliy leave every year either due to injury or retiring

Rutgers Football?

Retirement for older players.

Why do you think Troy Smith was a fifth round draft pick?

not all get signed and some dont make it past preseason

Where can I find a film of an American Football league game ( Bills/Jets) , from 1968 ?

There are lots of FA's. 32 players drafted X 7 rounds=224 players.

A roster can hold max of 55 so 55 x 32 teams=1760 players max

NCAA football tournament? Tell me what you think?

Not every player drafted will make a roster. Most of the guys drafted in later rounds will be cut in training camp, or sent to NFL Europe, or put on the practice squad.

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