Any truth to this?

Question:i heard that new englands gunna restructure moss's contract and then trade him to green bay. its just something i've heard
is there any truth to it though?


How many people think Tony Romo is the next Troy Aikman?

Moss has already agreed to take a pay cut of about 6 million dollars, so that deal is done. I dont think the Patriots will trade him, because they now have an offense that will present mismatches for every defense except Denver.

Cleavland should trade with Dallas and take Quinn!?

the truth is in restructuring the contract but i am not sure about the trading part

Cleveland has the nickname of who?


Who is the most underrated player?

Even the Patriots are not that heartless.

Bengals Fans: Could we be having a worse off-season right now?

Your question tells me that you are a Cheesehead with a fantasy. I bet you think the Patriots will trade Moss to Green Bay for a 7th round pick in 2117.

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