A few Questions.?

Question:How maney sacks do you think DeMarcus Ware will have in 07?
Along with their first round pick last year with Bobby Carpenter, their first round pick this year Anthony Spencer of course Greg Ellis and the whole team altogather under Wade Phillips D-Fence?
And what are your interception stats

My #s are like this;
DeMarcus Ware- 17+
Bobby Carpenter- 7+
Anthony Spencer- 5+
Greg Ellis- 13+
The whole team- 55-65
Roy Williams- 5+
The team- 20+


How many superbowls have the seattle seahawks won?

Ware should have around 14. But the question is, why didn't we draft a cornerback or a safety? I am a huge Cowboys fan, but man we got burned through the air last year. Roy Williams looked awful in pass coverage, Anthony Henry looked pretty awful too. Terence Newman should be fine, but even his year was only average. Hopefully, Spencer and a healthy Ellis can put more of a pass rush on to take some pressure off of Ware and our secondary. We will win the division at 11-5.

How do you pronounce DT "Amobi Okoye"'s name?

Our secondary is horrible. If our opponents have an amazing O-Line, they will pick out secondary apart. We should've worked on our secondary.

I think the Jets will be better then that Pats, dont you?

Well since Wade Phillips is a Defenseive minded coach and he LOVES to Blitz Ware Williams and Carpenter is going to have a MONSTER season!!! Phillips is going to mold our defense around Ware's pass rushing abilities so we can get the most of him! Unlike Parcells were he played it old school and never blitz! Ellis isnt going to have alot of sacks this year because he is coming off of that injury and who knows how good he is going to be this upcoming season! He may lose his spot to Carpenter (which i hope he does) Williams is going to play more on the line! I think are defense is going to be 1 of the best in the NFL! Are offense is going to be Great! Tell you the truth I think we are going to the SuperBowl!

Dallas VS New England in SuperBowl!

What u think of lions picking calvin johnson? i thought they have good wr core,?

Wow, I think you might have the Cowboys a little overrated with your predictions. Last year they were 20th in total D, 24th against the pass, 19th in sacks, and 20th in points allowed. Being 24th against the pass showed me the opposing QB didnt get preassured and had time to find the open reciever. Ware will be a monster, but he was the only one with more than 4.5 sacks last year. And Carpenter only had 19 total tackles, so 7+ sacks is a little bit of a reach. And Dallas still has TO, the biggest cancer in the NFL. And Romo needs to stop bringing his girlfriends to the games and hold on to the snap. That was the biggest F up since Leon Lett. If Donovan McNabb stays healthy all year, the Cowboys will finish 2nd in the division but will make the playoffs. They wont make the Super Bowl, but it wont matter, the Pats will beat whoever comes out of the NFC.

Who is better: Arron Brooks or Quincy Carter?

who cares? it's dallas, no one is gonna notice anyway

Who are the Patriots Drafting this year?

"And Carpenter only had 19 total tackles, so 7+ sacks is a little bit of a reach."

Carp also didnt start most of the year.

Carpenter will be floating around relieving the front, UNLESS he beats out James, who has to prove he can read plays.

This will be a brand new defense for the boys. Players from last year will have a chip on their shoulder to prove they are good players in a bad scheme.

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