Quinn or Russel?Who will OK Raiders pick at #1?

yeah and the Raiders will win the afc west!

Help Please?

no the Lions will LOL .no seriously. the lions willl

What foreign city should get the first NFL franchise?

nah they wont

Ben and jerry's?

Can I get a hit off of whatever you are smoking?

Who killed bryan pata?

i'm a packers fan and even i highly doubt it.

Who will be the best receiver out of the upcoming draft after Calvin Johnson?

Stranger things have happened, but I don't think so.

Do you know your football?

sorry that you dont want to hear this but not a chance even with a weak nfc you got an aging qb an injury prone hb an not much of anything and theyre in the same division of the winner of the nfc championship but weirder things have happend

Who should atlanta draft at pick#8?

Most likely they will not. The Bears are a very strong team and the Packers would probably have to beat them both times to secure their spot in the division.

What made Robert Meachem fall so low in the NFL Draft?

sure and my fav b-ball team the lakers will win the championship. i love the packers too man but keep dreaming.

How bad is the Purdue football team going to be this year?

yea and brett favre will come out the closet..fat chance of either happening


do you really even have to ask, of course they will

Who thinks Michigan will be playing for the national title in the coming season?

Nice dream!! But I don't think it will happen.

Is Southern Cal the greatest sports-college in the modern era or what?

NO! Because the lions are...and then i will tell all of the ppl that start rooting for them once they are good, ima call them banwagon fans. Ive been with the lions my whole life. And no packers have no chance because they traded ahmaan green

The buffalo bills have a hard schedule next season, but what do you think their record will be next season.?


Who is the greatest football player of all time?

They won't but Brett Farv might break Dan Marino's Passing QB Record.

Wat position should i play in football? Im 16 almost 17, 6ft n 177lbs n i am reasonalbly quick. plz answer?

they hav no chance
the bears r goin all the way!!!!

What team is jeff garcia on now? i dont see him on the eagles roster anymore?

dude of coarse they will win. u know brett farve is going to retire so they need a another quarterback and trading Amhan green was the smatest thing they ever did

Saints or Steelers?!!?

Absolutly! The Bears will suffer from the disease that plagues every team the year after they go to the big one, the Lions still suck even with an improved run game, and don't even think for a second that the Vikings have a prayer. They SUCK! Packers are going to win the NFC North, then the whole NFC, then the Super Bowl!

What do you think of my mock draft?

The Bears have the curse of the Superbowl losers, the Vikings will suck, the Lions are still rebuilding. The Pack have a chance.

Which NFL team has had the best offseason?

Heck yea. Packers all the way baby

What number is donte whitner on BILLS?

yea, and next year it will be the Lions vs. Raiders in the superbowl (sarcasm)

seriously, the packers are young all around (WR core, younger HB, young defense/young safeties and Linebackers especially))

one problem is, one OLD guy is the QB. i mean i love Favre and all but the problem is that as the young guys progress and gets better, Favre is preventing the packers to grow altogether in order to win big games. so someday when the packers need a new QB, everyone is set, but oh wait, you guys need a qb, and whereas everyone is good and set nfl wise, the qb will not be and the packers will be set back for a few years

Who's the toughest QB in the NFL?

the bears will probably still win the nfc north but the packers are getting closer and closer.

Gaining weight ..!!! Really need help?

this is a tough one with me being a packer fan and you know as well as i do the pack has to bring out the brooms on the bears to even have a chance.

Will the 49ers make the playoffs this year?

it is a strong possibility. think about it. the vikings are the vikings, they continue to deteriorate as always. the bears are breaking down. once again going into hibernation. the lions might surprise some of us with their offensive magic from martz, but remember, their the lions. i feel the packers are on the right track right now. they have the potential to win it and be in the playoffs once again.

Why does the AFC Dominate so much?

In your dreams..

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