American football = rugby with pads and helmets?


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Pretty much, minus the forward pass and that corny throw-in from out of bounds thing. My sister played rugby at EIU, so I was able to learn alot about the game, its pretty cool really. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but didnt we get American football from rugby?

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no punting the ball unless on 4th down.

I'll bet you I can throw this football over those mountains...?

yes we pretty much did

Do You Think The Ravens Will Make The Playoffs Next Season?

kind of but in american football you can throw a forward pass and you dont let go of the ball when you get tackled. also there is no line outand you dont need to touch the ball to the ground in the endzone. pretty much the objective is the same though

I need some advice im trying out for varsity football?

Football began as rugby until one player decided he should get pts for crossing the end zone line and touching down the ball. Probably the first WR, eh? Anyhow, the game caused so many deaths that it was almost banned in America, ergo the forward pass. People do still die from training(Korey Stringer), in the clubs after the games(Darrent Williams), and due to unforseen medical conditions(Damien Nash).

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