After the great draft by the buffalo bills, do you think they will make the playoffs?


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It's not impossible but neither is it very likely. The Bills are still a rebuilding team and they went a long way toward addressing their need areas (aside from CB & WR) in this past weekend's draft. They have lost a lot of veteran talent (Clements, Fletcher, Spikes and McGahee) but I really like both Lynch and Posluszny -- and keep an eye on the 2nd RB they picked up, Wright -- and I consider them both upgrades. McGahee was an underachiever and I think Lynch will surpass him in every category, especially as a receiver out of the backfield. Posluszny is the second coming of Shane Conlan and will start for the Bills for the next decade.

The problem with making the playoffs is that there are just too many better teams right now in the AFC. We'd have a much better chance in the NFC, which is weak. Also, you have to remember that Buffalo has one of the toughest schedules of any team in the NFL this year and that will make things even harder than last year. I think we're still one more draft away from the playoffs, so look out for the Bills in 2008. In the meantime, GO SABRES!

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no, they still need to improve more but they wil contned for the wild card spot but they lsot Clements which was a big hit

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With the loss of McGahee it remains to be seen how the team will do. They are definitely a young team now with plenty of upside, and they'll be a fun team to watch. However, with New England in the mix I'd have to say that their only realistic hope of making the playoffs would be a wild card spot.

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Although Buffalo had a very solid draft, I definately would not call it great. Lynch will only match what Mcgahee could have done at best. Paul Puz can fill in for only one lost linebacker, not both, and Edwards will do nothing but sit on the bench. Also they do play in the AFC...

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yes, they could have last year but things didn't work out like they always do for the Bills. They now have a powerful offense to put up points. They have a strong d-line but weaker LBs with the loss of Spikes and Fletcher

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They've got quite a challenge in their own division especially since the Pats got Randy Moss and the Jets want it probally more than anybody. They may or may not. It's up to them. J! E! T! S! Jets! Jets! Jets!

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The Bills as far as i am concerned had a playoff team last year. But after looking at the stats, Fletcher wasn't playing as good as he had in the past. Majority of his tackles were chasing the guy down from behind down field. He didn't stuff the hole, and was pushed aside by any fullback. Spikes definitely lost his enthusiasm and his ability to get to the ball.. after his Achilles injury, he is just an ordinary LB. doesn't play with the intensity that he once did. Mcgahee was a good fit in Buffalo, but definitely replaceable. His work ethic was horrible.
The addition of Lynch will make the running game exciting to watch. Paul P. can stuff the run ,, and Edwards , who knows, if JP gets in trouble , throw the rookie in.
My prediction is Buffalo will go 11-5 with the Wild Card. New England just made too many moves offensively for anyone to keep up with them.

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nope..offense is neither proven and nor experienced

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Yo though I'm a bills fan I know what I'm talking about here. Lee Evans will have an exciting year and Losman will finally turn to form. Lynch and Thomas will share time on the ground and will be somewhere between 10-20 in the league. Not Bad. The defense I think is better...Schobel will have another great year. I think Posluszny brings young legs and speed to the linebacking core. Clements is gone too. I know. I just have a good feeling about the 2007 team.

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Randy Moss will be so much window-dressing with our front four constantly in Marsha's face and stuffing Maroney in the backfield.

And yes, we were a borderline contender last year and got younger, faster, stronger, mentally tougher, and just plain BETTER.

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Bills fan here:

Record: 9-7
(DEF is just too weak yet)

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