!!Packers traded for Moss today!! Its on the AP!!!!SAWEET!!?


Packer Question: Are the GB Packers going to trade for Moss?? And who/what would they trade??


not on espn.com
not on yahoo.com
not on nfl.com
not on Oakland Tribune
not on Milwaukee Jorunal Sentinel
not on ESPN news


to the guy below me: you were the one that tried to pull this BS yesterday about how the 49ers obtained Lance Briggs from the Bears, so your one to talk

Should I join my high school football team?

haha very funny. They actually didn't but keep dreaming girl

Too small.?

Not true...

I want to be a defensive lineman. Help?

HA HA HA!..great.now the team i hate the most (jackers) will be even worse, dont take it personal buddy, it is just that jackers ain't getting any good Moss SINCE he is a big time LOSER and whiner, man, i am starting to feel some sympathy for G bay...the good thing is that now it will be easier to beat the crack out of gbay.

Who are the Patriots going to draft this year.?

Nothing on any news service I can find. Where's your link? Not saying it couldn't happen but I doubt it. It would be a mistake for Green Bay to do such a thing.

Who are the top ten college player?

where did you find this i went to the AP and didn't find anything i hope this is true this will be a great move for the raiders

What do you think of the sports reporters?

you can have that loser, cry baby!!! good he's gone from the raiders.good luck with that

Should football been invented in cold war russia, both are communism?

Where did you see that? Even if the Pack got him, he would make them suckier than they already are. SKOL VIKES!!!!

Will the Indianapolis Colts ever reach the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning again?

Go back to home?
Moss is NOT going to GB to a crying moms boy quaterback

Will Drew Bledsoe make the HOF?

not true man! i looked everywhere and plus..he wants to go to a team that can actually win

Does a sack count against rushing or passing yards in the NFL?

i love the packers man but if we get him we will go nowhere but down the drain...

What you think about that show on CW's The game?


How good will aaron ross be?

Give a link or shut up

What position should i play in high school?

not true man! i looked everywhere and plus..he wants to go to a team that can actually win. NOT TRUE!


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