How do i go about a coaching Scholarship in Florida?


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If the school offers a scholarship for coaching; ask them whats required in order for you to fulfill it.

If they simply offer the degree program (Coaching) and an academic simply have to apply for it and maintain a given grade point average.

If you are looking for a fellowship; you have to play out your 5 NCAA years first, and then you can become a "player coach" on a fellowship and you typically earn "room and board" - not tuition.

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You have to have some sort of background for any sort of scholarship...Not sure there is such a thing as "coaching" scholarships...There are things like therapeutic recreation and sports management...

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Yeah, typically if you're looking to coach for a college team the term would be called a graduate assistant which is harder to do these days since big time programs are limited to the number of GAs they can have now. So your best option would be to help out at smaller schools and work your way up. Typically schools look for people who really have no life outside of football and are willing to put in whatever time neccessary. As mentioned though GAs usually are given room and board. and nothing else

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