Who will win superbowl XLII?


What would happened in these scenarios?


Will College football teams like Texas, Florida, and LSU continue to kick the holy crap out of Big 10 teams??


Who is better Peyton or Unitas.?


Who is the best blocking TE in the NFL?

I'm always the biggest winner because I don't waste a whole day glued to the TV screen sucking down junk food and slamming down beer.

Why do NFL quarterbacks like Jake Plummer, and Drew Bledsoe believe they should start after subpar seasons?



How funny is it that Keyshawn got released days after he spent the whole draft comparing himself and Jarrett?

Philadelphia Eagles DUHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Michigan Ohio St rivalry?


Which football team is better?

I think that the Bengals will and they will do it against the Saints.

What Division has the Best teams this Year?

it's march maybe we can talk about this when the season starts in september.

Which team is better the Atlanta Falcons or the Miami Dolphins?

Way too early to tell, real predictions begin in August, but so far I'm leaning towards my hometown Patriots

Is Brett Farvre a top 10 QB today?

Colts repeat

Peyton And Eli Manning?

New England Patriots would be my best guess right now, they're building onto their already great team, the same team that was in the AFC Championship game...it's REALLY hard to argue against them winning it...I would if I could.

Does anyone else here think that JaMarcus Russel is going to be the biggest bust and mistake in the draft?

I am going with my Patriots. With all their great offseason signings in free agency and keeping Asante Samuel; they look in GREAT shape for next year. Tom Brady has a REAL receiveing corps now with the signings of Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth and also Kelly Washington from Cincinati who was signed today. On defense, we aquired Adalius Thomas and are negotiating a contract extension for Asante Samuel. We are looking into signing LB Edgerton Hartwell as well. The Pats have spent their money wisely and it WILL pay off next year.

How much of a chance is there that Akansas LE Jamaal Anderson could be the number one pick in the next draft?

I say Colts again, because of their new discovered Defense, which no matter what anyone says, is now VERY good. Possibly Broncos with Jay Cutler in as a starter and he has more experience. But, you can never count the Patriots out of the running

Does the AFC have better QB's than the NFC?


What foundation was Houston Nutt working on?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Where are they now? Former Green Bay Packer RB, Brent Fullwood?


Should Oklahoma and Texas continue to play in Dallas or move the games on campus?

AFC Championship game will be Pittsburgh Steelers versus San Diego Chargers with the Steelers winning 23-14. NFC Championship will be Dallas Cowboys beating the St. Louis Rams 31-17. Then the Steelers will get revenge against the Cowboys 27-10.

Brady Quinn is the next NFL god?


How to increase bench press?

The Colts will get defeated in the AFC game by the dolphins the dolphins will beat the seahawks

Does anyone think that the Chicago Bears ahve a chance to win the Superbowl next year?

It's good to be a Patriot fan...New England all the way...

What position best fits me for high school football, according to my experience, weight and height?

Bengals v. Packers

28-37 Packers

Favre is superbowl MVP and retires

When was the last time the Kansas City Chiefs were shut-out at home?


Who has the best defense in pro football?


Who are the top 10 rushing qbs in the history of the nfl based on yardage.?


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