40 time Question?

Question:Is it true that you basically will always sticka round your best 40 time or is it possible to get a faster time?
Im 17, 185, 5 11' and ran a 5.3 could I get lower with practice and weight training?


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Theres a man at Disney World who helps rookie prospects get a faster 40 time for combine.

So, yes, there is a way to get faster.

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yes you can and 5.3 is so slow my friend that like linemen speed

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if you take long strides when you run take shorter steps and if you take short steps, try longer strides..this worked for me!

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Yes, you just need to do lots of wind sprints and aclimate your legs to running as hard as you can for at least 50 yards. When I was on varsity, I was 6'1", 215 lbs. and played tight end and strong side linebacker. I ran the 40 in 5.0 sec. When I went to a Junior College, I ran every sprint at practice as hard as I could. By our 4th or 5th game I was running the 40 in 4.6 sec. Hit the weights, lots of squats, deads and power cleans. And don't cheat yourself on sprints. They're a major way to improve your 40 time.

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wow, you got some work to do. You need to drop that 40. you should b running a sub 5 40 if your only 185 pounds and 5'11. The best way to do it is to run, run, run, and lift lift lift. And dont forget to do your core because that will help alittle bit as well.

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Dude sub 200 lbs should have a at most 4.5. that is with hurricane force winds in your face. Especially in high school. lineman don't even run that slow. do not sell yourself short kid. the harder you work will not only mean the faster you will get but the better you will get and that should be your real goal.

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