Anyone else ready for football season?

The offseason takes FOREVER it seams like!!!!!


Do guys think its weird for girls to play football?

Yes, I feel pathetic because I check NFL news everyday knowing in advanced that nothing is going to have changed from the day before. I wish the season was all year long. The AFL is cute, but it's like dating your cousin; just isn’t right man! I love the soccer commercials that say if you love the NFL you love Major League Soccer. " Your a fan you just don't know it yet." Please if I can't sleep I'll change the channel to soccer. The NBA is a scam. Stern and his boys screwed the Suns. And there is just nothing else. I hate the summer, it’s hot and there is no football. Go Cards!!

Favorite eagles teams of all time??

Hell yes, go Jaguars

Who is number 27 of the jacksonville jaguars an how do i find his picture?

I'm always ready

and waiting're very right
I love watching the off-season personel moves, but these breaks where nothing happens are tough

What is the worst nfl record ever?

My friend and I have been dreading this offseason...
when school starts up..that means that FOOTBALL SEASON starts up!!
woo hoo and we soooo look forward to going to our high school football games!
We are so EXCITED for football season to start up!!

Will The Eagles Have a Chance This Year?

I've been ready since Feb. But I do need to go iron my Cro jersey.

The nfl draft?

Im ready to see if the Steelers can do it without Cower.If Schaub will make a difference in Houston.How many INTS Brett will throw.To see Randy be most improved Wr of the year.Will the Saints repeat from last year.Chargers go 11-5 and lose in the 1st rd again.

NFL schedule has been announced, when will we have the confirmation Yahoo will broadcast again the games ?


What type of linebacker would I be when I gain the next 20-30lbs?

I'm ready for college football. GO VOLS!

What are the best deep threat WRs in the league ( R. Moss type players)?

Gawd. I agree. I'm looking forward to the Hall of Fame game!

Football position part:2 PLEASE ANSWER!?

I really cant wait at all, The super bowl is really sad for me. I don't know what to do on Sundays anymore, I just wander around aimlessly. I cant wait to actually go to a game this year. last year I went to the Vikings vs Patriots on Monday night, the one where Brady got a bottle thrown at him, Last row, but I was there, it was great, Man I love football, now I am sad again thinking about how long it will be until the season starts again.

Kansas City Cheifs Fans?

I'm definitely ready for the football season to begin. I'm also ready to see the New Orleans Saints win the Superbowl this year. We're going to have the #1 offense again and we're going to have a 7th to 9th overall defense. We would have been in the Superbowl last year but we had to face the Bears in their stadium. I'm not saying that we're scared to play there or to play in cold weather, but if they come to the Superdome, they know they'll lose. Look what happened when they played against Arizona on MNF, they came really close to lose and they had to rely on Urlacher and Hester to win.

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