A football team that wear black and gold?

need them to be good and have great runner and have power behind them but i need them to wear black and gold like the saints


NFL - What was the longest distance to go on first down?

The saints'll work, I mean, not only do they have the Deuce, but they have a guy that in 2-3 years'll be the best back in football, Reggie Bush. The Steelers really don't have anything to offer other than Willie Parker(and even that isn't a good offer) and those are the only 2 I can think of that wear Gold and Black. The Jags as a possible maybe, but they have teal uni's and I think you're looking for more of a Saints kind of deal. That and the Steelers are more of a Yellow and Black, than Gold.

What is Brian Urlacher's 40yd dash time? 20 yd shuttle?

Pittsburgh Steelers

How do you think the Seminoles wil do this year with all the new additions they made in their coaching staff?

jacksonville jags

Which teams do you think will win each division next season?

Pittsburgh Steelers and Fast Willie Parker

K B, are you a retard its not yellow its GOLD!
and the STEELERS were the first team in the NFL to were those colors! Dumbasss!

Are there any razorback fans out there who are excited about the up coming football season?

the steelers or the saints

Football fans: How much do you think Seattle's defense will improve? Acknowledge new FAs, etc...?

the pitsburg steelers

Will the 49ers make the playoffs this year?

Iowa Hawkeyes

What Do You Think About Jonathan Ogden?

Steelers, Saints, Jags.

Steelers: Willie Park great runner but more speed of power
Saints: Duece Mcallister great speed but more power. Reggie Bus speed
Jags: Fred Taylor has speed to burst and get TDs but more of a power runner. Maurice Drew-Jones balance of speed and power.

Who is going to win the Hiesman this year?

Go steelers!!!

Why wasn't Chris Leak picked in the NFL draft?

Purdue Boilermakers

Who would you pick to start a nfl team with. Pick one offensive and defensive Player?


Max Bench-225 Squat-315... Pretty good?

dude why dont u just pick the saints u could use deuce mcalister up the middle cuz hes got power and use bush on sweeps and screens, then when whoever ur playing gets used to that u could use brees and pass to stallworth or horn

Can some1 wirte a few senteces about american football today.?

new orleans saints wear black and gold jerseys

When will Troy Aikmen get in to the HOF?

The New orleans Saints are the ONLY NFL team that wears black and gold.

The steelers wear black and YELLOW. Is everyone in Pittsburgh that friggin' blind? I guess it makes them feel better that their team is not colored like a bumblebee.


Lets try this,which states have the best college football?

should be blue and gold buddy. GO BOLTS!!

Whats a good way to get ready for a powderpuff football game?

the jacksonville jaguars. they wear black, gold, and teal and do have great runners, fred taylor, maurice jones-drew, and greg jones

I need to know everything about playing football?

Your only real choice is the Saints. They have power runners, a great QB and all the tools to be great.

Do the Patriots now have the WR depth they are looking for or will they still be drafting a WR in round 1?

Pittsburgh Steelers

What do you feel like doing when..?


What are pictures that make each college in Big 12 look bad except Nebraska?


Is there a way to get all nfl games on io?

Vanderbilt Football.

How would Adrian Peterson do behind the Vikings O-Line?

Lets go Pittsburgh Super Bowl 42 here we come!!!

Which QB will have the better NFL career: Troy Smith or Drew Stanton?

In the NFL your only choice would be the SAINTS.

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