"NFL FANS" who do you thind is the top 5 receivers in the 2007 draft ?

List from 1-5


Who do u think the broncos will take in the first round next week?

1 calvin johnson
2 robert meachem
3 dwayne bowe
4 dwayne jarrett
5 steve smith

ginn is overrated and is nothing more than a punt returner. he will never be a #1 WR and he is afraid to go across the middle and is very fragile. he is still recovering from his ankle injury from the championship game.

Will the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year?

Bubba Jackson
Billy Williams
Joey Smith
Pooty Jones
Johnny Johnson

What Happened to-our "Camelot Moments of Glory "? Did we change up something ?

Top 5 receivers IMO are:

1-Calvin Johnson
2-Robert Meachem
3-Dwayne Bowe
4-Dwayne Jarrett
5-Jason Hill

I'm 15 5'7 165 what positition in football should i be?

1. Calvin Johnson
2. Ted Ginn Jr.
3. Dwayne Bowe
4. Dwayne Jarret
5. Yamon Figurs (just cause hes so damn fast)

NFL suspensions, with or without pay??

1.calvin johnson
2.ted ginn jr.
3.dywanne jarrett
4.robert meethum
5.anthony gonzalez

Michael turner trade?

1.Calvin Johnson
2. Ted Ginn
3. Dwayne Bowe
4. Robert Meachem
5. Dwayne Jarret
6. Anthony Gonzales
7. Steve Smith
8. Craig Davis

There's 8

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