Anyone got Tickets for the Miami Dolphins V New York Giants in Wembley 2007 Uk yet?


Is notre dame going to be as pathetic in 2007 as they were in 2006 in football?

Been checking on the Giants website and stuff also try Giants Road Crew they might have tickets.

Why the north American does not like soccer?

no, but it would be very cool to go..

Is Jemarcus Russell going to lead the Raiders back to Super Bowl contention?

No and not planning on it, just watch it on the t.v. and that way I won't miss anything.

Why do the niners suck?

I don't plan on t.v. works just fine

I need help from my fellow football section users?

id love to go the watch my g-men in action....but i will be at home for that one.

Favorite Football Team?

I wish. I'd love to see the Dolphins take down the Giants live. But my TV will do it for me.

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