Aaron Brooks??

Did he land a job?,If not,think he will,and where?


Which teams will be in the next Super Bowl?

Last I heard he's still a free agent. I'm not sure there's much interest in him around the NFL.

Maybe he should go to Chicago. He can't suck anymore than Grossman.

Which football team is better dallas or redskins?

Not yet...he may wanna be looking for one for his first cousin mike vick if he keeps messing in in the ATL!

Do the oakland raiders have an all time head to head winning record against every nfl team not expansion?

He has a job now. He's a fry cook at Burger King.

Does anyone know where i can find past college football rosters?

no he is out of a job. he will find a job and probably with the dolphins.

Should the Miami Dolphins get another big play WR?

No word on Brooks yet. With only 3 TD's last season, one must wonder if he will start a game in the 2007-8 season. My guess is he may wind up...say in Detroit or Cleveland as a backup.

Since detroit is looking to trade down with a team draft happy for calvin johnson. who will trade for #2 spot?

Brooks is still out in the free agent wire. who knows, maybe he could back up in new orleans. he won't start anywhere unless he goes to the Arena League

Do you people think peyton manning will bring the colts to the super bowl again?

No he did not this is home slice man i can spell its jus this is how i talk on the comp u knew wat i was sayin didnt ya lol

Does Harvard have a good college football team?

Yup, 7-11 in Oakland. He'll be working the Graveyard shift just like last year for the Raiders. Lot less money though.

Dallas Cowboys. Stock.?

no he id not..

i think that he will end up signing as a 2nd string qb for the bucs..i dont know why i just think he would fit in there and have be a good backup

Was there ever an African-American Kicker-Punter in the NFL?

he currently has no NFL job, but some team should grab him as a backup. he should by no means be a starter but would add depth to a roster.

How much do nosebleed superbowl tickets cost?

hope not. hope he lands in jail and becomes a prison biatch.

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