A good way to get everyone riled up?

Just ask a sports question!


Who is the nfls all time leading passer?

asking sports quesitons isn't a way of getting us all riled up it just saying ur own opinoin just like u talking about other things besides sports. we choose sports cuz its a whole lot better then that other drama we don't feel like hearing or dealing with.

10 best active starting QB's ?

Or say something racist, or that 9/11 or the Holocaust didn't happen. This seems to anger everyone and get them worked up into a frenzy.

Which is the best Division in the NFL?

Make fun of the yankees

What do you think will happen with Lance Briggs?

Yes, compare one great player against another great player or even a less than stellar players. People are so stupid or crazy into certain players or teams. While I feel I probably fit into that catagory, I can at least see past my team if another teams player is better.

Oh, and explaining how bad the Raiders are going to be.or comparing them to a group of high school players...lol
And heaven forbid you mention the Patriots in a negative light. You will see how many guys have man crushes on Brady and the bunch!

Who is the best defensive tackle ever to play american football?

Or make fun of Iamlgnd's mom. :)

How badly did Donovan McNabb choke in the superbowl vs the Patriots?

god damnit!!! why did yous have to bring that up?!!!!!?



New England Patriots?

Make fun of your Avatar.

How good was Darryl Stingley?

What, do you mean like this "The Patriots suck!!"?

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