Any 2008 Super Bowl Predictions?


Philly's Getting A new Player!!?


Who do you think is the best running back in the NFL?

has to be the atlanta falcons, with that trade it could make them a potential contender

What Do You Think Is The Biggest Rival In The NFL and Why?

Colts repeat

What will Bubba rename...??

there will be one, guaranteed.

Who was more of a freak as an nfl draft prospect: calvin johnson this year or reggie bush last year?

Oh when the Saints, Oh when the Saints, Oh when the Saints go marching in. The Saints will dominate the league and win the 2008 Super Bowl. WHO DAT

Jaguars or Titans?

Too early to tell.But at this point i think the matchup will be San Diego v. New York Giants...I think that the Chargers will finally reach the bowl and beat a Giants team where Manning finally takes off and the team finally unites...But the Chargers win.

Am i too focused on height?

This you can bank on:

10 Teams that won't be in the Superbowl:

1. Oakland
2. Detroit
3. Houston
4. Green Bay
5. Arizona
6. Miami
7. Buffalo
8. Atlanta
9. Chicago
10. Jacksonville

Patriots got Stallworth!!?


Who is the best quarterback with out any kind of title?Why?

If the Saints get a little more help defense they can start to pull away as the dominant team in the NFC. In the AFC the Colts don't look so hot to me this year losing Cato June will hurt a lot. I think the Patriots or the Jets will make it. Now that the Jets have Thomas Jones they have an actual running back threat and the Patriots seem possessed to win the superbowl this year after that nasty comeback the had against them.

Who else thinks that the 49ers have the hardest schedule next year?

Hate to say it but the Patriots are the closest thing to a "lock" in the league. They finally have a strong receiver, an actual #1 guy for most teams. They picked up a good number 2 guy, and strengthened their D. Dillon is a bit of a loss but the rookie from last year LM will be a monster.

Why are people asking what position they should play?

The Packers will be a good team in 2008 but they will be eliminated from the playoffs but in 2009 it is going to be Packers and chargers and in 2008 it will be Chargers versus colts in the AFC championship and the chargers will win and then play the saints in the superbowl

How does a player from an naia school get invited to nfl combine?

tampa bay buccaneers will beat the pittsburg steelers 31-28 on overtime

Criticism on Greg Olsen?

Lets worry about the 2007 season first, eh?

Who is the best running back in the league?

Dallas cowboys...soft schedule except the AFC powerhouse new england. With Hamlin now added 2 the roster and Ellis healthy to play we will have a great defense and our offense will average 29 pts a game( my prediction). With a new coach and romo, barber, bobby carpenter, faisono and t.o. getting their first year exp(as starters) with the cowboys they should truly add to our depth as a team. Cowboys NFC and the patriots( who i hate) for AFC for chance to prove who is the true best. They do play in the season but its in Dallas so at the Superbowl their will be no home advantage.

The Eagles select... QB Kevin Kolb from Huston?

The Pats have to be the early favorites

If the Cleveland Browns Draft Quinn, does this mean that we are resolved to losing for the next 2 or 3 years?

Just my opinion but I like Tampa Bay Bucs this year to go/do a lot better with the skill some luck they could turn into a team that nobody wishes to play. GO TAMPA BAY!

Which of these 2 players would you have on your team?

I say the Saints and who ever else.

Why shouldn't the raiders take Russell with the first pick in the draft??

Ravens beat the Patriots to get there and the Cowboys beat the Saints the get there... Cowboys win

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