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Question:wht is a good way to measure my vertical jump??
because during summer workouts before my freshman year of football, we had to do this box jumping drill and the head varsity coach said tht he was impressed by my jumping ability.
so now i wanna find a number for my vertical jump...


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Stand with your chest against the wall, put some chalk on your fingers, and standing flat-footed reach as high as you can and mark the wall. Then, again standing flat-footed, jump as high as you can without taking a step and mark the wall with chalk. Now measure the difference between the two. That's your vertical. Don't do the crate thing cause if you can't get up on it, you'll bang the sh*t out of your shins.

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set up wood crates that are measured out, start at 2.5 ft and jump on it, from a dead stand still just jump up and get on it then raise the crates 3 inches until you cant get on, thats how you get you vertical height figured out.

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